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Avoiding Reduced Intelligence & Dementia

  • Broadcast in Self Help
Jonathon Miller

Jonathon Miller


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We have been unknowingly exposed to many public poisons most of our lives, in foods, medicines, water, air, home furnishings and household products, that are contributing to diminished mental ability, a variety of degenerative diseases and shortened life.

Our thinking and our health are eroded by fluoride, aluminum, vaccines and other medicines, radiation, agricultural, industrial, medical and food chemicals, as well as electromagnetic frequencies (emf) from cell phones and wifi transmissions. Yeast overgrowth is another factor clouding the brain for many.

These ubiquitous toxins are major contributors to falling IQ levels and the growing problem of dementia, often now appearing at younger ages. Further, poor quality foods and inadequate digestion result in a shortage of proteins important for needed brain compounds such as serotonin and dopamine.

Learn how to detoxify the body, avoid vaccinations and medicines and protect your health from other toxic influences as you can. For example, I recommend a decontamination zone on the way into your home. Other help includes colon cleansing, fasting, pure water, oxygen, detox agents, dietary improvement, lymph movement, perspiration and support of our elimination systems.

A nutritional supplement for the brain contains Huperzine A and ginkgo biloba among other ingredients. It protects the acetylcholine and supports brain function.