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ReallyWell.com Radio: Anti-aging Breakthroughs

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Jonathon Miller

Jonathon Miller


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Your biological age can be younger or older than your chronological age. Aging primarily results from a disturbance in metabolism.

As we approach middle age, weakening glands cause our hormone levels to shift. Telomeres, the protective caps on the strands of DNA, tend to wear down and shorten.The brain receives signals of a weakening, faltering biological system and goes into a gradual "shut-down" mode. 

The most important keys to long healthy life are: detoxifying and alkalizing the body, reducing and healing damage by free radicals and parasites, maintaining the health of the telomeres that keep the ends of DNA strands from fraying,  and supporting adequate stem cells, special cells that easily transform into the type needed for a particular tissue.

"Potential hydrogen" (pH) is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a chemical environment using a scale of 1 (extremely acid) to 14 (extremely alkaline). 

Further, your immune system can be strengthened. Your natural "killer cells" defend against viruses and cancer. If these can be built back to a strong presence, and your other immune functions bolstered, you will be less susceptible to illness and disease.

Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF) is an important group of proteins integral to muscle and nerve development and maintenance.

Instead of a degenerating, toxic flabby shell targeted to be phased out, a healthy body signals the brain to restore and/or maintain vigor, immunity, liver function, muscle tone, and sexual performance. Better health and longevity will be increased and continue for many years.