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Economic Reality

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Jonathon Miller

Jonathon Miller


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The economic reality is that we are on the edge of a shocking collapse. Well-respected economists who are not in public propaganda positions say this economic collapse is currently in progress in much of the world, especially Europe and Venezuela.

The U.S. economy has never fully recovered since the sub-prime mortgage crisis and the crash of 2008. Real unemployment/under-employment is worse now than during the Great Depression. The tweaked numbers and false claims of recovery are propaganda to the brainwashed masses. Many jobs have moved overseas. ¼ of U.S. working age people have no full time job. Half the population receives government payments for financial support.

The dollar, which is no longer exclusively used in the oil trade, is losing its world status. Other currencies are increasingly being used internationally. 

The current phase of the long term plan of the shadow cabal is the breaking up of sovereign nations and creating conditions to roll out a global financial and government system. 

The implementation of this strategy of dominance over the last 150 years by secret society, banking and corporate interests has employed financial, political and military systems, deception, propaganda, social engineering, mass mind control, public poisons, advanced technology and false flag actions to bring about a high tech global tyranny. 

There is speculation that there may be a major disaster event either known to be forthcoming, possibly planned, that could serve as a cover for the financial crash no matter what the trigger.

There is little time for completing preparedness for the economic changes already underway.