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Public Poisons Dull Thinking and Depopulate

  • Broadcast in Self Help
Jonathon Miller

Jonathon Miller


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The criminal cabal of world planners are intentionally undermining our health and intelligence with stress, poor food choices, public poisons in food, water and air and other biological weapons, leaving many with diminished mental ability and a variety of degenerative diseases. This preoccupies attention and brings an often expensive end to people's lives as soon as possible after their usefulness to the corporate system has diminished.

Small doses of public poisons from pollution and chemicals in foods, medicines, water, air, home furnishings, household products, the environment, and wi-fi are contributing to a variety of degenerative diseases and early death.

Mind-numbing, cancer-causing, rat poison fluoride has been added to most public water supplies for 50 to 60 years. The food supply is being ruined with GMOs, aspartame, msg, germs and additives. Agricultural and industrial chemicals and heavy metals poison the environment and the food crops. More than 2/3 of the U.S. population is on some type of routine drug. Most children are shocked with toxic vaccines from the start of their lives.

The fluoride, the aluminum, both in chemtrails, the mercury in vaccines, the aspartame in diet foods, are brain toxins. These lower IQ and foster apathy.

We are being poisoned on purpose to weaken the immune system, electro-chemically alter the brain, undermine our health facilitate mind control and drastically reduce the population.