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Geo-engineering Sprays as Public Poisons

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Jonathon Miller

Jonathon Miller


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Atmospheric Aerosol Geo-engineering and Solar Radiation Management are the formal names for spraying chemicals in our skies since at least the mid 1990‘s. Weather modification is a major purpose, which utilizes the frequencies produced by HAARP technology to effect severe storms and droughts and destroy crops, while also poisoning the populace.

These sprays are part of public poisons utilized for mind control and depopulation.

The aerosol chemicals, including toxic metals such as aluminum and barium, biological agents and high tech nanobots in our skies, effect our soils, water, air, plants, animals and us. The toxic geo-engineering sprays in the atmosphere threaten all life on our planet.

Weather control, profit, climate change, severe storms, drought, crop destruction, interfering with nature, poisoning the populace, reducing intelligence, mind control, reduced immune strength, inducing pandemic, transforming humans into biological robots, and depopulation are all part of the multi-purpose global control agenda of an elite cabal, of which geo-engineering is a major part. They are also causing methane to be released from the arctic ice that could end life.

Weather modification is a primary purpose, which utilizes the frequencies produced by HAARP to effect severe storms and droughts. This has been done increasingly since at least the mid 1990‘s, supposedly to counter global warming.

It is crucial to learn how to protect ourselves as best we can while organizing locally to get these harmful activities stopped. Local referendums or initiatives to ban spraying are being included on election ballots in various cities by gathering signatures and submitting a petition.