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Jon David Miller

Holistic Reality Radio ~ “holistic reality and natural health”


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Information and insights on holistic reality, natural health, well-being, holistic healing, issues of concern and the philosophy of natural holism. Topics include detoxification, improved mental clarity, holistic analysis of society, world affairs, alternatives, cooperation, preparedness, survival and expanding awareness for creative living. With Jon David Miller, M.A., M. Div., holistic natural health pioneer, social scientist, philosopher, educator, musician, poet and author.

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A transformation in consciousness is underway. Educating ourselves and raising awareness are crucially important in this time of awakening and challenge. Expanding awareness involves open mindedness, natural health, holistic... more

Organic natural foods and super foods are needed to support good health. Certain special foods of high quality are rich in essential minerals and phyto-nutrients, helping restore health and slow the aging process. Consuming a variety of... more

The real self is the center of our holistic awareness and the individual agent of our creativity. One's self can be the guide for the process of life improvement with assistance from resources exhibiting greater wisdom. The philosophy of natural... more

Fluoride is a neurotoxin that should not be in our water supply, foods and medicines, nor in the air we breathe. Fluoridation of water has nothing to do with making water clean or safe. It is a purposeful mass medication under the false... more

We are living during a time of major crisis in consciousness. Humanity has been trapped in cycles of mistaken self-identity for millenia. ?Ego? is the term given to the front personality or idenity, the active agent of the mind or self for... more

The liver has essential roles in digestion, metabolism and detoxification. It is a complex organ with multiple tasks for keeping you living, working as part of a team of organs. The liver supports digestion by creating and secreting bile for... more

Most people are victims to some degree of mistaken assumptions, much of it due to mass hypnosis, mental deficiency and peer acceptance and repetition of propaganda. The collective construct of assumed reality is based on false... more

The masters of holistic natural health wisdom include the natural hygienists of the 1800's, the ?New Thought? movement of the late 19th Century on, and the 20th Century natural health food pioneers. Here is my summary of the teachings of all... more

The caring and mutual support of the wisdom of shared awareness and the power of love are growing. Awareness involves perception, open mindedness, natural health, holistic healing, and mutual support. Educating oneself and raising... more

Minerals are absolutely essential for the proper functioning of living organisms. Diminishing minerals in the soils and our diet is a major reason for health problems. Mineral deficiency is common due to chemical agriculture and... more