It's Not About Volume

Robert Wimer

Robert Wimer

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Many speakers, teachers, preachers & even singers believe that you've got to "sing / speak louder to be heard".  This can cause a lot of vocal problems in the here & now, as well as down the road.

What if I told you that it's not about the volume....not at all.

This show will go over:

  • finding your "sweet spots" throughout your body that gives your voice strength.
  • Why certain people simply "can be heard", while others seem like they can't project past the 1st row.


From the roots of “The Natural Artistry of Singing”, “The Natural Artistry of Speaking” method was developed.  Creating this new method specifically designed for speakers, teachers and preachers, this method seeks to help presenters take care of the one thing that most ignore…their voice. 

project your voice
increase your volume
build resonance
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