Natural Dog Care

My sick dog

by Natural Dog Care

 - Thu, Sep 23 2010

My dog Kamal was suddenly unable to eat or walk. I was terrified!  I carried her outside and set her on the ground. She walked a few steps and sat down. I felt her body for swelling. I could not feel anything abnormal . I knew that if I went to the vet emergency room they would be as stumped as me and would order an immediate xray to the price of over 200 dollars. What if she had pulled a muscle. What if she was having bad gas pains. What if she got stung by a bee? None of these would be found on an x ray. she was not running a temperature. She was breathing calmly. She did take a solid piece of chicken from my hand and ate it happily. 

What I decided to do was dose her with all the remedies I knew could fix any number of possibilities. If she was not better by morning I would take her in. 

I gave her aspirin for pain. The dose is 10 mg. per pound. My dogs weighs about 35 pounds so that means 350 mg. I could have used a human strength pill but I instead gave her 4 baby aspirin of 81 mg. each. 

I then gave her benedryl. The dos is up to 2 mg. per pound. That means roughly 70 mg. for her weight. The pills are 25 mg. each. I gave her 3. This is for any sort of reaction from insects or inflammation anywhere do to an allergic reaction. 

Next I considered terribly gas pain. I gave her 2 capsules of activated charcoal. Charcoal will bind with anything poisonous in the gut and will help to alleviate gas. 

Since I knew that she had not eaten for many hours I did not induce vomiting for possilbe poisons. I could have done this. It did not occur to me though becuase she was not drooling. I sensed that she was in pain. 

I decided to wait one hour and see if I saw a difference. I did.

Within an hour she started to walk around better. She was obviously not comforatble. She stood and stared at the single step in and out of the livingroom, but she was alert. It almost seemed like she did not want to lay down. That could have indicated stomache pain. 

The next morning she was still alive.  :-)  We walked outside. She walked much better. But, the diarrhea that exploded out of her was horrible. No food today! FAST for 24 hours with diarrhea. 

WE fasted her. This evening I gave her only rice and chicken. I gave her before eating a good dose of pepto bismol. She hated that! 

NOTE: I gave her pepto bismol the night before in a pill form. The next day she had a sort of belching throwing up. I found a wet splat on the floor with the entirely formed pill in the vomit. Wierd. She smelled sour from her mouth. I could not imagine that a pill would sit in the gut over night and not dissolved. Well it clearly did not. HENCE, give only liquid pepto bismol. Mylanta would be another good choice for gas. Not sure if that helps diarrhea though. Need to read the bottle. You can search google for dog diarrhea and get answers quickly, even in a panic.

This morning, Kamal is great. No more diarrhea. She is eating what crumbs she sniffs on the floor.

The dog is fine. If I had gone to the vet i would not have learned anything. Obviously the x ray would have shown nothing. They would have done what I did and my bill could have been over 300 dollars.

I am not. advocating being "cheap" here. I am advocating, "take charge" don't be a victim, and realize that dogs get sick for a day like humans and your vet does always have the magic bullet. Often time natural dog care can suffice . 

The same way that you would care for a human child, check in with your dog . You would not run to the doctor for every sniffle a child gets. Be calm and make wise choices.  

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