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More stimulating Native Talk Radio! Cliff & Brandon are both registered members of the Puyallup Tribe of Indians, and dedicate the show to making Native topics fun & entertaining!

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Before the European colonists came to the continent now known as America, the Sioux in the plains region had a well established governmental structure. Some even believe that highly organized Native governments such as these were the... more

Today on the NativeTalk.net radio podcast, Cliff and Brandon join with Jeff from the SageHawk foundation, available online at sagehawk.org, to discuss many of the economic barriers preventing Natives across the country from achieving... more

On today's nativetalk.net, we discussthe Sioux daily life and compare it to Brandon's. It turns out while he typically plays a lot of video games and watches television, the 7 tribes of the Sioux were actually being productive. Also, while... more

We begin the show today discussing the importance of names for plains indians, and how bad English translations enabled rival tribes to make fun of, for example, the famous Sitting Bull. We also go over naming traditions for plains boys and... more

Ok, so far be it from me to mention in passing Elizabeth Warren's Cherokee heritage claims. Seriously, I intended for it be a throwaway comment.. I certainly neve intemded for it to be a TWENTY FIVE minute conversation. I had... more

On todays NativeTalk.net radio program, we begin with the Plains Indians and the fact that not ALL of them were nomadic. Some actually stayed back and farmed, and built permanant structures. We talk about what they farmed, how they built... more

Today on the NativeTalk.net radio podcast, we begin with the Plains Indians. As some of you may know, the horse is not a native animal to the American continent. This meant the Plains Indians way of life did not include use of this... more

So, each week on the NativeTalk.net radio podcast, we encourage people to email podcast@nativetalk.net, or give us a call and leave a message at 970-278-5791. Well, a woman named Nancy took us up on that, and wrote in to... more

Today on the NativeTalk.net radio podcast, we...don't have anything new Native for you. However, we DO have classic Cliff & Brandon from the podcast we used to do before this one with nothing but fun talk about interesting topics to... more

On today's NativeTalk.net radio podcast, Cliff & Brandon discuss why native tribes are legally barred from creating their own whisky or any other microbrewery - even though everyone else can. Plus talking about liquor never gets old. Then... more