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NationsPatriot - My Take - on Liberal Lies & Propaganda

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I'm fed up with the out and out LIES being sold to the American public - ESPECIALLY to those unassuming, less-involved Uninformed potential Voters that witness a Campaign Ad and actually Believe the Nonsense as "truth" when it's a "Hit-Piece." Many can't see the "Jokes" being sold as veiled personal attacks to chip away at the conservative opponent's image or message. If a politician can't run an ad on their RECORD; they don't Deserve re-election, PERIOD. So WHY do Incumbents enjoy a 95% Re-election rate? Name-recognition; that's IT. The Mid-Terms are less than a month out.. so it's time to focus on the Progressive Propaganda the Dems are packaging & selling as a "moderate message" (while smearing All their opponents as "Radical or Extreme" Conservatives or Republicans. Funny how Scared they're running to Brand Us with what THEY are, huh? It's a typical Alinsky-an soapbox tactic - that we'll EXPOSE. We'll either run the clips of the perpetrators themselves or recant them Verbatim for you - but take note - while many of the 'jabs' are coming from Leftist "Comedians & Satirists".. their Intention is Every Bit as Deliberately Damaging - and that's the Point: Take CHEAP SHOTS & call it "Fair Play" as it's "just sarcasm/comedy." It'sTime to EXPLOIT the Progressive Propaganda, the Liberal Lie.. and the Mainstream BIAS in the Network & Cable Coverage being used to TEAM UP on the ONE, Single Outlet serving as their "SOLE THREAT" to Total Media Control & Domination - FOXNews.. and why they want to "shut it down" so desperately. So far, you've seen my "timid" side as I've become acclimated to the [BTR] show's setup. Now, you'll see the Substance of the "Anger" WITHIN a Tea-Party member... and why it's time we ALL stood up and said, per the movie 'Network': "I'm Mad as Hell, and I'm NOT gonna Take it Any More!"