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Bringing the news with Conservative views. Exposing the Lies the Mainstream Media (aka "LameStream Media") tells and the BIAS in their reportage, as well as the stories they "conveniently forget" to cover. No more brainwashing, indoctrination or cover-ups... The PRESS was commissioned to serve as a Check & Balance of Washington's Power - it's Time we took it back. Unapologetically conservative, the radio show is based mainly on a satirical political blog of the same name authored by NationsPatriot. The show and the blog educate on Conservative politics & takes a satirical poke at liberals. If you like good political conversation that transcends all areas of life, then you will probably like this show. The NationsPatriot is on, with MY TAKE.

On-Demand Episodes

Call and join the discussion: 213-816-0325 In the 1st Half-Hour: Who - and Why - revealed Seal Team Six? A covert special ops team that works under obscurity with ZERO recognition is Outed earlier this year in a controversial raid... more

Call in: 213-816-0325 Discussing the differences: Excuse v. Reasons; Addiction v. Enjoyment; Coaching v. Parenting; Enabling v. Sabotage. Have an addiction? THINK you might? Make excuses to cover it up; even if it means castigating... more

Call In!! (213) 816-0325 Covering: the Crisis in the Middle East; So-called "Comedians" and their Liberal Bias in "satire"; What the Media CONTINUES to miss, and the Birth of a New Breed of Taxes (featuring the "VMT")...

It's STILL "'Guest Request' Night".... taking on the issues YOU want to discuss - important or otherwise. Following up on the latest in Current Events, World & Local News and Life In General... a Completely Unraveled and Sketchy... more

"The Jeffs Just Jokin'..." The "Inmates are Truly Running the Asylum" in THIS one; it's "'Guest Request' Night".... taking on the issues YOU want to discuss -important or otherwise. Following up on the latest in Current Events, World &... more

Will the REAL Conservatives of the "Political Action Conference" PLEASE stand up? There's a TON of finger-pointing going on as to WHO, exactly, the "true" Conservatives of today really Are. I'm going to break from the typical,... more

It seems the Only way to accurately shine a Light on the Abuses of our "Great Judicial System" means I'll have No Alternative but to highlight my Personal matter and the RUN-AROUND I've received from (ALL) State Agencies... on a... more

Mothers, Fathers, Parents of all stripes: This one's for YOU. I've been a father for over 17 years now.. with younger ones still keeping it interesting. One's about to hit her tweens... the other's JUST hit Kindergarten (Home-Schooling; part... more

The New Year (2011) kicks off with a flurry of Resolutions and Convictions that are SURE to be as challenging as ever. Tune in and CALL (213-816-0325) to join the discussion... from YOUR Resolutions - to past or failed ones of years past.... more

As a follow-up to my review of the Highly Recommended (political) novel... what I call a realistic "Blueprint Platform" for the Candidacy of an Unlikely, Average Citizen - I'll be talking to the Father and Daughter Team of authors who... more