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The Yehudah Project: 400 year prophecy continues....Can you take the Truth?!

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The Yehudah Project

The Yehudah Project


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The 400 Year Prophecy Concerning The Hebrew Israelite Slaves And The End Of This Fallen World. Hebrew Slaves Were Brought To America Around 1619 So This Puts The End Of This Fallen World At About 2019 If We Follow The Holy Scriptures. I believe this is the real reason why are starting to see Endtime Prophecies happening at an astonishing rate. The True Children of Israel are about to get released from bondage physically and spiritually, to be totally free of the satanic thorn in the flesh and this fallen wicked satanic world. Please read and understand that the nightmare prophetic dream that Father Abraham had about his future descendants being taken to America under slavery was not the same as the Egyptian land of Africa slavery/bondage which lasted for 430 years and is even fortold in the Book of Jasher, when we began to cry out to Most High after being in Egypt for 220 years and the hard bondage lasted for 210 years from this point of calling out to the “MOST HIGH” because of the severe harsh bondage under the new Pharoah. This text below taken from Genesis 15th chapter is the slavery/bondage of the last days involving the Black Hebrew Israelite Slaves which were scattered all over the Earth and the Tribe of Judah being taken wholely captive to America, and were known as Negros, please read with understanding.


Exodus 12:40King James Version (KJV)

40 Now the sojourning of the children of Israel, who dwelt in Egypt, was four hundred and thirty years. (THIS IS THE FIRST EGYPTIAN BONDAGE IN AFRICA NOT AMERICA, WHICH IS ALSO CALLED EGYPT OR THE LAND OF OUR SPIRITUAL BONDAGE/SLAVERY.)