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Prevention is the Best Cure- Breast Health

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October is designated as Breast Health Month, but ironically the media focus is usually about looking for breast cancer disease. True health comes from preventing disease. This show will discuss the intelligent approach to the "care and feeding" of breasts.Dr Kather’s Protocol for Breast Health will be discussed and explained. This protocol includes the recommendations below: Iodine (Iodoral, Iodoforte 12.5 to 50 mg a day) Assess the methylation of estrones, 16 alpha hydroxy- to 2 hydroxy estrones, urinary progesterone metabolite and estriol urinary excretion, assess catabolic versus anabolic state-all important risk factors for breast and prostate cancer: sex hormone metabolite urine test Enhance methylation of estrones: Di-indolemethane 300 mg a day, Trimethylglycine (TMG) 750mg a day, Magnesium malate 250-500mg at bedtime, Vitamin B12, B6, folate, Resveratrol 125 mg a day, Omega 3 fatty acids, CoQ10 75-150 mg a day: Rhythmatix from Univera (vit B12, vit B6, folate, CoQ10, Resveratrol, fish oil EPA & DHA 2-4 capsules a day) Vitamin D3- get 25 hydroxy vit D levels above 80, Melatonin 3-5 mg at bedtime. Progesterone supplementation to youthful levels-cycling is best. Vitamin E- mixed tocopherols 400 iu po qd Vitamin A retinyl palmitate Enhance adiponectin production (Level G from Univera : bananba, chromium nicotinate, vanadium, Cape Aloe, Aloe Qmatrix- aloe chromones, cinnamon) one tab taken twice to 4 times a day). Avoid obesity and minimize inflammation. Turmeric/ curcumin (RegeniFREE). Lignands from Ground Flax seed. Eat fresh organic foods. Avoid sugar- use Xylitol instead. Practice weight resistance training. Have frequent orgasms to enhance oxytocin production. Avoid smoking.Minimize/eliminate caffeine use. avoid eating/drinking from canned foods due to plastic lining) and plastic bottles due to “bad estrogen” effect of plastic consumption. Avoid atrazine herbicide (often used on corn products, fructose, high fructose corn syrup, dextrose).