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More Love, Less Stress! with Dr. Natalie Kather, MD


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This show has a unique approach in discussing the link between health and one's personal experiences. Whereas many "self help" talk shows focus on behavioral and cognitive training techniques for moving forward in life, this show focuses more on the healthful chemistry and purposeful behaviors that promote experiences and perceptions of expansive love, cool energy stress management, and transcendental/ regenerative medicine. Board certified in both Anti-Aging Medicine and Family Medicine, medical physician Natalie Kather offers a Metabolic Medicine approach to her clinical clientele.This approach focuses on the on-going simultaneous goals of improving the body's repair signals and decreasing the forces of damage. She pursued this specialty out of her own health needs when conventional medicine failed her as a patient, and could only offer her multi-drug anti-depressant therapy. As she learned more in the Metabolic Medicine field and sought out other like-minded professionals and bio-tech companies, she found a new and higher level of health care where she no longer needed anti-depressant drugs, and even better, experienced joy, stress management and love like she had never previously known. In no way should the listener construe the discussions on this show as medical advice. These discussions and the products mentioned are not meant to treat, diagnose or cure any disease state. If the listener finds the concepts useful and would like to engage in a physician-patient relationship with Dr. Kather, the listener can make an appointment at her clinic in Olympia, Washington: Advanced Family Wellness Inc. PS, 1115 West Bay Dr NW, suite 202, Olympia, WA 98502. Phone (360)570-8010, FAX (360)570-8009.

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seFg75SKh90 The recent posting of Dr. Natalie Kather's youtube video has inspired conversations in which people wonder what kind of testing is useful for the assessment of breast health, and not just the... more

SunBursD3! is the amazing burst of energy our clients, staff and family members feel with adequately supplementing vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) and Vitamin B12 complex sublingual liquid. Listen about how these nutrients can help a person... more

Happy New Year! The Advanced Family Wellness team will have a lively discussion about these two services that are imperative in helping a person vibrantly more forward in their health and choices to prevent disease. By testing... more

Breast Health is still a topic for the month of October, as Advanced Family Wellness continues to campaign "Prevention is the Best Cure!" We will discuss healthy foods to feed the breasts, including recipes that will surely delight the... more

The Mother Ship: Stories of Motherhood in poetry is a collection of poems celebrating the experience of losing and finding yourself in anything you give your heart to. The Mother Ship relates to everyone regardless of whether they are... more

Tonya and Dr Kather discuss the results they are personally noticing with The Metabolic Make Over approach and how each of the components of this program are helping people decrease their carbohydrate cravings, notice their clothes... more

October is designated as Breast Health Month, but ironically the media focus is usually about looking for breast cancer disease. True health comes from preventing disease. This show will discuss the intelligent approach to the "care... more

Listen in on this lively discussion with Advanced Family Wellness Clinical Research Coordinator Joel Stewart about the benefits of metabolic testing, including resting metabolic rate, fat burning level, aerobic fitness level, anaerobic... more

Based on her extensive reading and personal experiences with a husband who challenged her conservative views of sensuality and sexuality, Lisa Pankau authored a thoughtful book about an expansive approach to marital love... more

I hear more and more complaints from clients, "I think I have attention deficit disorder!" Whether they meet the psychiatric criteria from the Diagnostic Statistical Manual for likelihood of positive response determined by pharmaceutical drug... more
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