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Join us as we discuss Health and Beauty and its connection to How to Eat to Live (which is also a book that was written by Nation of Islam patricarch, the Hon. Elijah Muhammad). With excuslive interviews by hosts Khalifah Muhammad and Michael 6X.
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Join us as we discuss the Prison Industrial Complex, the Sports Industry and their connection to Black enslavement in North America. Featuring exclusive an exclusive interview with a famous superstar professional athlete. Hosted by... more

Black people bring over $1 trillion out of the American economy. Yet, Black people spend only 6 cents out of every Black dollar with other Black businesses. Please join us as we discuss the value of Black businesses and Black spending... more

Please join us as we explore the true reality of nature and the existence of Satan himself and all of his manefestations in our world. With an exclusive interview with Eric Penn, author of Children of Chatotics and Psychology of Killing:... more

Please join us this Thursday night as discuss the Black man in North America his role, his responsibilty, the imminent dangers he faces and his God promised glorious future. Featuring exclusive interviews by hosts Khalifah Muhammad,... more

Join us as we discuss the reality of UFOs and the Nation of Islam. Did you know that the NOI taught the knowledge of UFOs dating back to the 1930s? Is there a real connection or is this simply insane teachings? With hosts Khalifah... more

We will explore how the Black woman has risen above all manner of people, institutions and media set her against her and still she has risen. With hosts Khalifah Muhammad, Michael 6X and Nadirah Khalifah

Please join us as we discuss what is the past, present and future of Black people in politics with special guest interviews. Show hosted by Khalifah Muhammad, Michael 6X and Nadirah Khalifah.

Black young people are at a crossroads. Which way will they choose? With guest interviews of young members of the Nation of Islam, Bro Trebor X and Sis Halima. Show hosts: Khalifah Muhamma, Michael 6X and Nadirah Khalifah.

Standards of beauty and what do we need to beautify ourselves inside out. What is the history of beauty and its ramifications to this day? Special guest interviews. Please join us with hosts: Khalifah Muhammad, Michael 6X and Nadirah Khalifah.

Who or what is Satan aka the Devil? Why after over 80 years of the teachings of the Hon Elijah Muhammad and his best student the Hon Min Louis Farrakhan does this subject still generate such controversy? Please join us with hosts:... more