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Uniquely Designed Talk ~ The Total Empowered Woman Radio Show


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Uniquely Designed Talk is the The Total Empowered Woman Radio show. The show is about encouraging, motivating, and inspiring women to step into their greatness and walk boldly as The Total Empowered Women who redesigns their lives in in order to achieve their personal and professional goals and dreams.

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Exciting News! "THE TOTAL EMPOWERED WOMAN TV" is my Brand New Youtube Channel! The Total Empowered Woman TV is all about activating the power within every woman to achieve, establish, and master every area of... more

There is a battle going on and it is raging war for those that have a dream. That battle is dealing with two major enemies Doubt and Fear. However, the rules of engagement to win this battle is the same. You must activate your Faith to win... more

LEGACY. Are we leaving a blueprint for the next generation to follow? Is what you're doing with your life, your business, your family creating a legacy that will leave a mark on the world to let them know that you were here? How... more

Most of us are freelancers and don't know it. Why? Because according to Wikipedia, freelancers are those people that are self-employed and not neccessarily committed to a particular employer long-term. Many of us are like... more

How many of you remember when you were about to eat some food, but it dropped on the floor before you were able to put it in your mouth? For many of us, there was a thing called the 5-Second Rule. The 5-Second Rule back then... more

Many of you have heard me say "When you get quiet, you get clear" because clarity and focus is born from a place of stillness. However we all must get comfortable with being still if we are to focus ourselves and make progress... more

Have you ever felt like your life was on a "Wash, Rinse, & Repeat" cycle whereby it seems like you are experiencing the same thing over and over again? Have you noticed that things somehow keeps popping up and interrupting the flow of your... more

What would you do if you only had 3 months to live? This question by itself will make anyone pause and think for moment. We know that this question will make most people examine how they are living their lives now and how they might... more

Are you a TRANSFORMER? Some of you may be wondering what in the world am I talking about? I'm talking about whether or not when people come into your presence their lives are no longer the same. They have become a better person... more

When you look at where you are right now, is this where you thought you would be? At the start of the year, we all set up big goals and stated our big dreams and we promised ourselves that we were going to finally accomplish this year.... more