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Are you living the best time of your life? Do you have dreams and passions but yet to take actions? Your host Naseem Murakami talks about the topics on health wellness, personal development, spirituality, mind body connection for peace and harmony in a entertaining ways. Get up lifted and Inspired!!!! About Naseem Murakami Naseem Murakami is an independent artist, accomplished music professional, entrepreneur who is very passionate about leading people into healthy, sustainable and compassionate lifestyle to heal and cure the current state of the world. Naseem is a certified coach in Law Of Attraction and Plant-Based Nutrition. **Disclaimer** Please note that each interviews with our guests does not mean it is the opinion of this Radio Show and is not reflecting our opinions and expressions. We are simply providing you the information and not responsible for our guests actions and comments relative and unrelative to this interview. Please use the informations provided here with your own discretions.

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In this episode of "Turn Your Passion Into Career" series, we have an interview with Prabhat Gautam of Animal Advocacy Museum and Positive Television! Prabhat Gautam is a humanitarian, activist and an advocate who has assisted... more

Check out the new "Turn Your Passion Into a Career" series! This episode features an interview with Canadian Jenny Berkeley. Jenny is a kindle bestselling author of 3 books, a health educator, a holistic nutritionist, the publisher of... more

"Turn your passion into a career!!" This episode featuring an interview with an award winning natural beauty of organic fashion brand Beezee Eco Kid founder Bianca Zvorc Morris. Shortly after launching her fashion business, she have... more

As the new year 2013 unfolds, I have pondered what should I feature for my first show of the year? January is the month most people would come up with New Year resolution, new goal settings and what not... and I have decided to just be... more

Consciousness, mindfulness...embrace your intuition and unleash your inner genius! This is the last episode of the year and going into 2013, there is no better time to talk about this subject as the conscious movement grows and... more

Join me for this episode #5 GMO Foods, Chemtrails and our Freedom and learn what's happening to things that affect our health, well-being and what can you do to protect your health. With your host Naseem "Breeze" Murakami... more

This episode gets into the discussion of current issue we face...the geo engineering, genetically modified foods and the population growth. Do we have a better solution than the top 1% of elites ideology of enforcing Agenda 21 and... more

Coming up on September 16th, 2012 at 8:00PM (PST) On this episode, we'll have a special guest who is pushing themselves to raise their ability to reach even higher potential to be at their best performance in living and acting upon their... more

Join me on this episode how a plant based diet can transform you from head to toe, from curing illnesses to reverse aging and much more!! Packed with many valuable information how you too can explore in this new lifestyle and I will also... more