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Naomi Seif

Naomi Seif


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Assalamu alaikum! Inshallah I can motivate, and encourage Sisters (as well as myself) towards goals challenging us all to become the BEST that we can be (with the help, and guidance of Allah SWT). I also share the perspective as a revert to this beautiful religion Islam, from Christianity. Inshallah we will get better each day! Welcome to my channel!

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We hear of the growing numbers of Hispanics that are converting to Islam, and we might think that this religion has nothing to do with this culture but it's quite the opposite. Islam has deep roots in Spanish history, prior to Catholism taking over... more

Hijab has nothing to do with being submissive to men but everything to do with being loyal to our Creator. In this message we will go over what "hijab" really means, the fact that Islam also gives men hijab and the benefits it brings.... more

Religion is defined as a system of beliefs, rules and way of life, however are we making sure to be educated about the religion we profess? What does your religion say regarding being a woman, female, daughter, wife, mother? Are you... more

Advice of how to deal w/being a revert and spending time with loved ones during the Christian holiday season. Islam does not separate us from our families, it actually brings us closer (insha'Allah- God-willing). Here is advice on how to... more

Jesus (pbuh) was the long awaited Messiah. The one prophesied in the Old Testament by previous Prophets (pbut) to come to the Children of Israel. But, what is a Messiah? Who and what were they anticipating from the... more
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