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Southern California shepherdess Natalie Redding, discuss's shepherding, knitting, fiber arts and events and topics related to flock and current events. Sponsored by OH Kruse Grain and Milling and Lister Shears.

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Join Natalie Redding and Kimberly McAlindin for Namaste Farms Blogtalk. Watch Shear Madness on Nat Geo Wild every Saturday 10:00 pm eastern. Sponsored by Oh Kruse
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Join Natalie Redding and Kimberly McAlindin to learn about the history of the spinning wheel and drop spindle. This will be a very comprehensive view and will discuss European, Middle East influence as well as Biblical references. In... more

Join Natalie Redding and Kimberly McAlindin with guest Troy Kadin (OH Kruse Grain and MIlling) to discuss the pet food industry. Troy has been working in the companion animal food industry for more than 20 years. His passion began early... more

Please join Natalie Redding and Kimberly Mc Alindin for a chat with Star Athena. Star Athena has many credits but the one you may be particularly interested in is the Annual Tour De Fleece. Star Athena is also a very accomplished pattern... more

If you aren't familiar with Chrome64 on Ravelry, you should be. She is the one that made a sweater from Phat fiber ALL from a Turkish drop spindle. She is one crazy talented lady who travels, blogs and obsessively spins. Please join us to... more

Have you ever wondered what "Botton/Low Whorl," "Top/High Whorl," "Turkish" or "Navajo" spindles were? Did you know they are addictive? Join Namaste Farms Blogtalk radio tonight and listen to CathyZ talk about drop spindles and her... more

Phat Fiber is a genuis idea and pretty much everyone knows what it is, but if you don't, it is a WILDLY successful fiber exchange. In the words of Phat Fiber on Ravelry; "A yarn store or fiber festival in a box delivered to your doorstep once... more

Join Natalie Redding and Kimberly McAlindin AND GUEST Lenore Ortyl for a fantastic show on "Winning Strategies for Etsy, Artfire and HOW TO MAKE your own ecommerce." Lenore will tell you how to market, what the best options... more

In the early 1990's, one of my friends introduced me to methodology for gaining confidence and developing personal and professional excellence. This method was developed be Timothy Gallwey and is termed, "The Inner Game." I... more

Join Namaste Farms Blogtalk and learn how to make yourself more successful in business, home and life. Are you a procrastinator? Is your Etsy shop in a slump? Do you feel like you are going nowhere and are stagnating? Please join... more

On Thursday night Namaste Farms Blogtalk radio, we have a live interview with re-known designer, colleague and friend of Kimberly McAlindin; Kristin Omdahl. Kristin is a best selling author and designs knit and crochet garments... more
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