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Barbados, an Entire Island of Savages - Gloating in the bad they do!

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Naked Departure Talk Show

Naked Departure Talk Show


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BARBADOS  I feel sad being a Black man because black people have become the dumbest of the dumb.  We have been reduced to savages and we have too much pride in the wrong things.  We are being systematically destroyed but many can’t see it.  Majority will never question or what some like to call thinking outside the box.  Right now many barbarians are walking up and down clueless to what’s really going on around them.  Prisoners unaware of the cage which surround them.  Bring gossip and they will love you bring any kind of information to aid in their reconstruction and they will despise you.  I call that being mentally raped & easy prey to the system in place.  I see Day by Day the destructive path blacks on this island are heading and it’s only a matter of time before we eat up each other on this island. A great evil is coming beyond imagination and many can’t see.  Venezuela should of been a heads up for many but again blacks are the dumbest of the dumb.

They are people worldwide prepping & preparing while in Barbados the average black man is thinking about which woman he can screw next (animalistic).  God is a bajan they say but when shit hits the fan a lot of these people will be cursing God to what’s coming.

Daily it is being televised of what’s to come and people thinks it’s only entertainment.  Stop worrying about the white man when you have worst trouble on your hands among your own.  Our greatest threat are the zombies that exist in our own community which take up the majority share.  A whole island of miseducated savages just waiting to ignite for when the greatest collapse in history takes place.

Imagine how chaotic that will be when starvation comes to this place.  God indeed help us.   Anonymous