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Live and pre recorded interviews and video coverage of the urban lifestyle in Ohio. Uncensored, real life indepth coverage of the life of the people of Ohio's urban culture.

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1,000,000 TRUTHS is a radio show based off my opinions on everyday life and the affects that it has on the people I have seen throughout my life thus far. I will explain some secret shit that women should not know and vice versa. I will... more

1,000,000 TRUTHS, what does that make you think about? Does it bring forward ideas and thoughts of your life and the effects that has been a result of them? Honestly ask yourself how many quuestions you actually ask yourself and the so... more

What it do it's that time again tom call in and get that shit off your chest. Tell the world what you have an issue with and lets see if we can get that message out. I know you are tired of that coworker that keep tallking shit like no one will do... more

Are you all that and some, can't no one compare to you and your swagg? Then call in and let radio personality N.A know what makes you the shit.Tired of telling everybody the same thing, well make it official for the world to hear why you are... more

Lets get into another level of thinking. Do you have what it takes to discuss life on another level? Call in and let radio personality N.A know. Times are new and the way of thinking is incorrect, you do not think so then call in and find out. Here at... more

Do you have an issue with some one or something and you want to let the world know how you feel, then call in or simply listen to radio personality N.A and get that stuff off of your chest. Do want to tell a person off or just want to vent a bit,... more

You think you got flow and can shut shit down? Then call in and do what you do. Each person gets one minute to go at it. The winner will be given bragging rights throughout the world that you are the hottest in Ohio. You will also get to have... more

Are you a father that loves your children and for some reason the child's mother continues to interfere? Late night "you ain't shit" calls and social media hating? Do you want to get it off your chest and let her know how you feel. Call in and let... more

Tell radio personality N.A what makes a woman a bitch and a man a nothing ass nigga? how do you feel about what makes a woman unfuckwittabale, and a man the type to run from? Why do you feel that these types exist and what is their... more

This title is self explanatory. Is there some one that you have wronged and want to say that you apologize? Then call in and let radio personality N.A give you the opportunity to apologize to that person or persons that you have wronged. This... more