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Yes! The Voice of Choice is BACK. Mz OptimiZm will be bringing you STELLAR interviews, riveting topics & more from Coast to Coast and Sea to Sea!! For our other shows, please go to

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Lucinda Cross is a Lifestyle and Business fire starter specializing in women's success. She is the CEO of LC Associates and has been branded as the Activator!, Mrs. Cross is the author of Corporate Mom Drop Outs, and a... more

This show will showcase the brightest and talented men and women, yet they are unemployed. Lets get to the bottom of this and find out why people that are so charismatic, so energetic and educated are still under or unemployed. Jobs are... more

Justin Steckbauer is a Christian and self help blogger on Yahoo! Voices. Justin also interviews new and upcoming authors for his blog. He has been published over 200 times in magazines, newspapers and online outlets across... more

Founder & President of Catalyst Enterprises International, Dr. Michelle Dawson's mission is to ?help organizations and individuals turn potential into performance.? Headquartered in Delaware, Catalyst Enterprises provides consulting services... more

Tonight, we are hosting a special segment to help find our lost. A collaboration of agencies and families will band together as we come up with a solution to an ever growing problem. The family of Bedria Williams will speak out as they plea the... more

Stacy Lattisaw was not yet even a teenager when she recorded her first album. Although she already had been singing since the age of six yrs old she was well on her way toward developing a vocal style of her own. She was born and... more

Raised in Brooklyn, NY now lives in Magnolia, DE with his wife (Dana) and two children (Evans and Diaya). Evans is a Certified Personal Trainer with the American College of Sports Medicine, a Certified Metabolic Advisor, Certified as... more

This evening, we will highlight the AWESOME works of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.Founded January 16, 1920, Zeta began as an idea conceived by five coeds at Howard University in Washington D.C.: Arizona Cleaver, Myrtle Tyler, Viola... more

Lucinda K. Porter, RN, author of Free from Hepatitis C: Your Complete Guide to Healing Hepatitis C has hepatitis C. Since 1998, this former Stanford University nurse has worked with hepatitis C patients and is devoted to education and... more

Tonight, we will be tackling feelings of defeat, uncertainties, and procrastination, and motivating empowerment and change. Also, excerpts from the upcoming book " How About a Lifestyle Change".. Tonight @MzOptimiZm