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Yes! The Voice of Choice is BACK. Mz OptimiZm will be bringing you STELLAR interviews, riveting topics & more from Coast to Coast and Sea to Sea!! For our other shows, please go to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/mzoptimizmspeaks

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When is enough enough? There are so many double standard flying around that it is difficult to grasp whats real anymore!!! Tonight, we will delve into the following topics..hold on tight because this is going to be a deep one!!! The planned Parenthood shooter labeled as gentle and misunderstood, while Mike Brown and other unarmed black men were labled thugs that were anitsocial and anti-law. Karyn White SNUBBED from her own song!!! 100 Pastors to support OR not... CNN Describes Freddie Gray as ‘Son of an Illiterate Heroin Addict,' Twitter Goes Nuts So Cam Newton dancing after a touchdown causes a national outcry, but when Travis Kelce dances after a touchdown it's considered a normal celebration. So glad this ESPN host said what we all were thinking. Miss Universe Just Dumped Tim Tebow Because He Wouldn't Have Sex With Her Ex-Rikers' Inmate, Beaten In Jail, Slain Day Before He Would've Received $450K Settlement Then we will bring in renound celebrity stylist Renessta Olds to the mic to talk about what's hot and what is so not this holiday season!!!! We have an action packed show...be there--oh and tell a friend!
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This evening, we are talking about Current Events and how we the people can stay drama and sucker free! In the news: Friday the 13th, over 155k lives were lost, but why are we ONLY focused on Paris? Kaitlyn named WOMAN of... more

Tonight, We celebrate those that sacrificed for this Country! Seven is out but sends his cheers and salutations!!!! The Shenanagins on the News are on FIRE as they tried to character assasinate the following: Mizzou Activist Starbucks... more

Tonight we will do what many want to do...be themselves! We will talk about the "Fake Hospice Nurse that cared for Bobbi Kris, We will laugh about the GOP debate. Follow us as we dicuss the way that a Republican leader declared that... more

When a teen ager is flung around the classroom like a ragdoll and society asks what did she do, we have a HUGE problem! Why do Celebs Publicist fake their deaths for ratings? Halle and husband #3 bites the dust Don Lemon to be... more

Now that the Million Man March successfully commenced, what do we as a community do now? Will it be talk as usual or will we act as a unit, unite and create change? What are some of the changes we need in order to be heard... more

Tonight we will discuss what is going on around us and what the buzz around the campfire truly is!!! We will talk about the following: The Democratic Debate- who was the REAL winner? Lamar Odom- barely clinging on to life Does the... more

This evening, Seven and Mz Optimizm will explore variables in the following topics: Cosmopolitan labeling the Kardashians as Americas First Family Trump denying mixed-raced contestants in his Miss Universe Pageant Inmates beating... more

We are Straight Outta Ideas for this week, soooooooooooo we asked our listeners what they wanted to discuss this week! Here are the replies: Ben Carson and his views on Islam and the Government Mariah Idrissi Latausha Nedd- Why was... more

Seven Tucker and Mz OptimiZm Speakz to Officer Norman, the Officer that is making a difference one citizen at a time! He was assigned to the patrol division, and work out of the downtown substation. In February 2011- Received NLRPD... more