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Just gonna be talking about everything life,money,sex,music,changes, choices we make,jail,prisons,men,women,gangs,tha hood ,streets are talkin..old school new school,pimpin ,strippers,escorts,hood life the benifits ect...list keeps going on

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There is so many things about Wichita Kansas people have no clue about , restruants, streets, old stories, neighborhoods, places to go, music, places to be , parks, gangs , men,women, cars, look, money , cost of living , jobs ect....
  • by Mzjustsayn
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Yes !!! There are real work at home jobs that pay hourly,benefits, paid training, direct deposit . I ll be discusssing jobs, what you need , application process ect.. also ins and outs plus and cons . You will be surprised how many fortune 500... more

Hav you ever noticed that there are so many types of attractions and fetishes , we are talking about attraction and mates and why and what are we attracted to some are physical and others are objects, and some are spiritual . There are so... more

Kansas is growing ,laws are changing, things are developing , we gonna discuss the changes and our intake of it all is it good or bad or dahhhhh . things we wanna see done and have not seen

Man i have so much to talk about from love, money, drugs, people, fakeness, loss, gambles, just gonna give it to you raw unfiltered my specialty .i had some time off and had alot to think on so im back lets get it

The truth prostitution the laws on it , pimping and drugs charges,laws and programs that the county offer to offenders. Alot of information and resources many people don't know . Hope this helps people know the laws and charges... more

Every day in america people are getting murdered with guns , amoung the other crimes going on getting robbed,raped, killed , kidnapped over dose , people taken there own lives drug wars,pimps, drug dealers, ect... But what are we... more

Okay so there is alot to women then what people give us credit for , women we are great lol, weave ,make up, how we argue, how we love , how we keep stuff in, how we clown, how we secretly hate people, how we really think his sex is lol...... more

I don't know about you , but men whyyyyyyyyyy why do you say some of the craziest shit, lines,lies, make things sound good and make things sound so dumb , why can't a women say how she feel without saying are you on... more

Life as a business women has ups and downs and judgement , As I look at life and how image , friends, family, lovers do they match ,do they go together , why dont people get it why must i get judged or have to live life in a schedule book... more

Lol everyday I see some funny stuff when im outside , in the car, on social media , just everywhere some i believe is fake and some i think is real , but in my mind im like why ack that way and be petty, or dumb and im about to call it out