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Flight Training Radio a part of the pilots inner circle.

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In this weeks episode we'll be interviewing a good friend of mine who will be sharing some of his recent emergency stories.

Follow along with Jason as he chats about why we practice stalls and how to ALWAYS have perfect recoveries.


So you've passed your checkride.... Now what? I'll interview my newest friend and Pilot's Inner Circle Member Bob as we talk about his checkride and venture into aircraft partnership.

In these weeks episode of flight training radio (a part of the pilots inner cricle) I'll be sharing with you 3 things you might have missed (or be missing) in your flight training.

Flight following is a WONDERFUL service. However I'm finding that many VFR pilots don't understand how to request it. In this weeks episoode I'll share actual ATC clips so you can become a safer pilot using VFR flight following.

It's the reason we learn to fly... To get up and go... Take our family on vacations and visit friends and family. But how do you plan for such a big trip? I'll share what I do in this weeks episode.

In this weeks episode of the Pilot's Inner Circle we'll be chatting about instrument scanning and technique. This ISN"T an episode just for IFR guys. VFR guys need this practice as well :)

In this weeks episode we'll talk about working as a team (CRM- Crew Resource Managment) with pilots and even non-pilots, I'll share with you how Ioperate flying with friends who are pilots and even pilots in training like my lovely wife... more
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