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"ELEMENTALS"; Are More Common Than You Think

  • Broadcast in Paranormal
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Host Carlee Robbins and host Deb DeRousse will be talking live about the mysterious ELEMENTALS and, what do people think about them today? What about the Ghost Adventures trip across the pond to investigate one of these spirits who was said to be attempting having sex with the man living on the property? They are ruled or governed over by higher spirits such as devas or archangels (which in modern witchcraft are called Lords of the Watchtowers, the Guardians, or the Mighty Ones). Generally elementals are looked upon as benevolent creatures that maintain natural harmony. Also included among elementals are elves who live in woods and along seashores, and household spirits such as goblins, brownies, bogles, and kobolds. Sometimes fairies are included within the elemental category, and also mannikins which are male fairies having the attributes of elves, gnomes, and brownies. In the folklore among many Native North American tribes, water babies, that are small in human form, inhabit lakes, streams, springs, and other bodies of water. They are not malicious, but do at times play tricks on humans, and are feared. 

Also, along with this category of elementals may fall confused spirits which are attached to the aura of their victims. If these spirits are not properly detached from their victims through deposition they can be extremely troublesome.

Artificially created elementals are commonly called thought-forms. They are generally considered non-physical entities existing in the mental or astral plane. They do affect the human aura, which can be seen by clairvoyants, and sensed by others on an intuitive level. Thought-forms radiate out and attack sympathetic essences.