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The Demonic and Politics

  • Broadcast in Religion
Spartacus Speaks

Spartacus Speaks


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Pastor Dr. Steven Katz speaks on the disintegration of our society, and the spiritual reality that the deadly demonic forces ruling our destinies, under the ideological mask of "A New World Order," will bring an end to freedom with the mass ensalvement and exploitation of 99 percent off the earth's population.  

Political salvation is an illusion.  The Devil runs all governments on earth. To the extent that life on earth can be spiritually healthy, it is governed by self-regulating and cooperative love, work, and knowledge.  All “systems” are insane asylums run by the inmates.  

Division of power, and a divided ruling class or caste, is the best humanity has attained.  It is likely, given the spiritual degeneration of humanity, to be the best that will ever be attained to hold the Devil back to any extent. We were born in a “fallen” state. The earth is a prison.  Only the metaphysical planes, and the extraterrestrial Messiah, can provide deliverance and eternal happiness in the Kingdom of the Godhead of Life. There is no salvation on earth. The Devil controls all governments and politicians on earth, to a greater or lessor extent, although some are better or more tolerable than others. This is why the Devil promised Yeshua (Jesus) all the Kingdoms on Earth in their desert encounter, if He would only worship him. Yeshua’s reply: “Satan, get thee behind me!” Our Kingdom is not of this earth!! The utmost we can do is to each, individually, work on our own inner spiritual regeneration, and preparation to enter the Kingdom of God on the metaphysical planes. I can say, after almost seventy years on this poor crust of earth, we can never completely succeed. We are saved by the Grace of God.  We are saved by Grace and Faith, not “works.”