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Part II: The Healthy Spiritual / Mystical Experience

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Spartacus Speaks

Spartacus Speaks


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This is Part II of the presentation of the mystical / spiitual conversion experience focused on the healthy as over against the pathogenic.  Pastor Dr. Steve Katz describes the various roads to make contact with God by existential experience.  The seminal writing on this topic is "The Varieties of Religious Expeience" by William James (N.Y., The Modern Library, 1936).  Divine contact can be sudden by the grace of God, or as the result of a long educational process leading to a transfoming insight.  It can come to all, affliated and attending a church or not.  Realization of the spiitual dimension has come to agnostics, atheists, and dogmatic believers.  People have been opened to the metaphysical domain by psychedelic drugs, wine, nature, sex, the receipt of emotionally moving evangelism, near-death experiences, and contact with UFOs.  The appearance of Jesus, angels, and other metaphysical energy beings has also brought belief in spiitual higher powers  Psychotherapy and programs such as the 12 steps have been facilitating.  In this follow up broadcast, we will explore the differences bween healthy and unheallthy mysticism. See "Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy" by Ola Raknes, chapter 8, "Ogonomy and Religion," pages 131-135 (N.Y. Penguin Books, 1971).