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The Global Collapse of Capitalism and Mass Mind Control

  • Broadcast in Paranormal
Spartacus Speaks

Spartacus Speaks


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For the past month, the 24/7 corporate media has worked to keep the masses of people in the United States in a constant state of panic and disorientation concerning world affairs, be it ISIS, Ebola, Russia, Syria, Irag, Israel, and many other issues.  What is real and what is exaggerated from isolated incidents into major events?  Why is this happening?  Is the mass psychology being shaped to divert attention from much bigger events to come? 

Why are major military forces and hardware being lodged in major urban centers under control of the 'poliice power?"  Is a major domestic coup in the making as happened during the period of the Cuban crisis of the early 1960s? 

We can only speculate, but much evidence is being hidden in plain sight.  We are in a period such as existed just before World War I.  Tensions among the major imperialist powers are rising and steps are being taken by various countries to get rid of the dollar as the world reserve currency.  Are we on the verge of a major depression or is all this being manufactured in a studio and broadcast as real when it is a staged fantasy?

Will the military draft be reinstated?  Why are we being told that unemployment is 5 1/2 percent when one out of four workers is unemployed in the prime working group of ages 25-55?  When will the lies stop?

What will happen after the mid-term elections?  We have many questions and few answers.