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This show presents uncensored and unblocked commentary on the political and social events of the day from a philosophical and theological perspective. The host, Dr. Steven Katz, is a philosopher and theologian. His writings can be viewed on his WordPress Blog "Harbors for Life."

On-Demand Episodes

We have all been told by the mechanistic materialists (and general society) that with the cessation of biological activity, we die forever, and consciousness is extinguished. Dr. Steven Katz, philosopher and theologian, disputes this... more

Western Civilization is rotting from within while under invasion from Islamo-fascism. There has been nothing quite like this since the sack of Rome by barbarians in the early centuries of the first Millennium. A once vigorous and... more

Dr. Steven Karz, philosopher, theologian, and lawyer, reads from his writings on the spirituality of the life energy. This cosmic energy was discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in Norway in the 1930's. Dr. Katz will provide spontaneous... more

Dr. Steven Katz, philosopher and theologian, will give an update report on his research for upcoming shows on end-times and the geopolitical situation.

Pastor Dr. Steven Katz discusses the various perspectives on the end-time that is fast approaching, and almost certainly will come to pass as early as this year (2017), or in the next few years. There is now a general consensus among the... more

The elderly, and other vulnerable people, are more and more targets of thugs in NYC, and in other cities and countries. Antisemitism is rising all over the world, including in the U.S.A. Jewish students in colleges are being harassed under... more

This episode is presented by theologian, philosopher, lawyer, and Pastor Dr. Steven Katz. He reads the final paper of film philosopher Ira David Katz (shot to death a week later by an American Nazi in Kew Gardens Queens in 1978).... more

Your commentator, philosopher, theologian, and lawyer, Dr. Steven Katz, speculates on the reasons that Reich fell into the FDA trap when they prosecuted him for sending orgone accumulators across state lines while being under... more

Pastor Dr. Steven Katz speaks on the disintegration of our society, and the spiritual reality that the deadly demonic forces ruling our destinies, under the ideological mask of "A New World Order," will bring an end to freedom with the... more

Yoiur host, philosopher, theologian, lawyer, and Interfaith Pastor, Dr. Steven Katz, presents the deadlystruggle of spiritual life vs. spiritual death, and the promise of freedom within the higher metaphysical dimensions of the Universal Life Energy... more