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Join me as I explore the ways that energy can affect many facets of life, including your environment, work and relationships.

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Hello everyone! To get back in the swing of internet radio, I am doing a short morning show with a little help from my kids. Be prepared to be amazed...

Do you think that technology enhances your love life or causes it to brown out? This is the first show in a series examining intimacy, sensuality and outside forces.

Anyone can be intuitive! Learn some simple, yet surprisingly effective ways to develop your sixth sense. Good times!

Men, feelings and more!

What is the energetic impact of cheating on a relationship? Are there any situations where cheating affects a couple in a positive way? Would you take someone back who has cheated on you?

Are you too giving in your relationship? Do you wonder what your significant other brings to the table? Tune in to find out how to shoo that deadbeat lover out from under YOUR covers!

Do you repeat the same bad patterns over and over again? Are you in a constant low-energy cycle? Tune in to learn how to free up your energy and begin attracting the things YOU REALLY WANT!

Where do you stand on one-night stands? Do you feel the occasional tryst can ease the boredom of a love life stuck in a rut? Do you think that sex without love can send you on a downward energetic spiral? Can flings be a good thing?

Don't spend another holiday on the sidelines of the the game of love. Employ the Law of Attraction (and a little Feng Shui, etc.) and enjoy a spicier season!
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