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Quote from Cardinal Gibbons page 106 "Faith of our fathers" 1917 ed. "The penetration of the Religion of Babylon became so general and well known that Rome was called the New Babylon." end of quote, "All Roads Lead To Mystery Babylon"

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It isn't what the mass media and alternative media are saying, it is what they are leaving out. You will never find the answers to the below questions. Why? It is called deception by omission. Our media today is not reporting news, they write the news. But after you listen to this series we will have the answers to all of the below 16 questions. 1. Who was Charles Carroll? 2. Who was John Carroll? 3. Who was Daniel Carroll? 4. Who was Bloody Mary? The "Bloody Mary" drink is named after her. 5. Who was Mary queen of Scot? 6. What queen was known has the "Virgin Queen"? 7. Who was the Mother of King James the first, the King which the name of King James Bible is named? 8. Who was behind and what was the purpose of the "Gun powder plot of 1605"? 9. Who was behind and what was the purpose of the unheard of Spanish Armada in 1587? 10. During the English civil war between 1642 to 1651 what was the name of the King who was executed for being a tyrannical king? 11. Who was behind,the intent and reason for the Glorious revolution in 1688? 12. What did the declaration of Indulgence want to give England(1687) What did the declaration of Independence(1776) give America after the dust cleared? 13. We were taught about the landing of the pilgrims and the Mayflower ship. Who was behind and purpose of the landing of the Ark and the Dove ships in 1634? 14. Who is the district of Columbia, Washington D.C. named after? 15. Of the original 13 colonies, which one was Catholic? 16. When were the Jesuits founded and for what purpose?
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If you were to control the governments of the world, wouldn't you have to have control of the education in the World? Who in the world are known has the great educators?? The same Jesuit structure was employed by the Jesuit-educated,... more

Guest Tom Friess of First Amendment Radio will be discussing the book "Footprints of the Jesuits" by R.W. Thompson in 1888. In 2013 there is more then just footprints at the Vatican, there is a Jesuit Pope, in the apostate chair... more

The Witness Of Early Americans Governor John Winthrop was a Puritan leader who helped to establish the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630 and is one of the original founders of the city of Boston. He is most famous for his sermon, given... more

The below introduction for this broadcast comes off the back of the Book "Papal Power: by Henry T. Hudson. It shines the light on what is happening in 2013. The oldest, largest, cleverest, and most dangerous totalitarian movement on Earth is... more

What, Where and Why the calling for a New World Order? Quote from "Planned Destruction of America" by James W. Wardner. He contends that America is not failing, but being deliberately destroyed by subversive forces from within: "...the... more

Taking the mask off Communism, the mask created by the Jesuits, their mask for world control, for promoting New World Order. To understand how President Obama's administration may fit in to the Vatican's agenda, it is, I think,... more

My Guest tonight Tom Friess is currently reading this book on his broadcast on First Amendment Radio on This is a Very important read. Tom has been reading books that truly are censor from the general... more

The Economic and Political Thought of the Roman Catholic Church. To purchase the book Ecclesiastical Megalomania at Guest will be Tom Friess of first amendment radio. We will be covering the subject of... more

You can download "Washington in the Lap of Rome, 1888. in PDF at But I strongly recommend purchasing a copy from Noise of Thunder Radio. Chris Pinto's 70 page forward is riveting!!... more

Who Actually Founded The United States Government?? Who Actually is Running the The United States Government?? THE MYSTERY RELIGION of Babylon has been symbolically described in the last book of the Bible as a... more
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