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The Jesuit Brothers of the Pyramid shaping events in 2014. Part Three

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                                Rome & World Dominion
                "...Rome will begin her march to glory, to world
                      wide rule, to spirit that rivals heaven....Roman,
                        remember: Govern! Rule the world!"
-                               -Virgil, The Aeneid
The above quote from the ancient poet Virgil probably has more influence on the covert powers at work in the founding of the United States than most Christians would like to admit, or that most citizens of this country have and idea of. Even among conspiracy theorists, they fail to recognize the ancient lust for power that has emanated steadily from Rome.  The Latin phrase novus ordo seclorum–currently found on the back of our dollar bill, and often translated "new world order"–comes from the writings of Virgil, along with the prophecy that Rome is destined to rule the world. From Virgil's fourth Eclogues, we read:

"Now comes the last age of the Cumaean song; the Great Order of the Ages rises anew. Now the Virgin returns, and Saturn's reign returns; now a new generation is sent don from high heaven....and a golden age will arise in all the world...