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Catholic Founding Fathers - Carroll Family - 1776

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It isn't what the mass media and alternative media are saying, it is what they are leaving out.   You will never find the answers to the below questions.  Why?   It is called deception by omission.  Our media today is not reporting news, they write the news.  But after you listen to this series we will have the answers to all of the below 16 questions.

1.  Who was Charles Carroll?

2.  Who was John Carroll?

3.  Who was Daniel Carroll?

4.  Who was Bloody Mary?   The "Bloody Mary" drink is named after her.

5.  Who was Mary queen of Scot?

6.  What queen was known has the "Virgin Queen"?

7.  Who was the Mother of King James the first, the King which the name of King James Bible is named?

8.  Who was behind and what was the purpose of the "Gun powder plot of 1605"?

9. Who was behind and what was the purpose of the  unheard of Spanish Armada in 1587?

10. During the English civil war between 1642 to 1651 what was the name of the King who was executed for being a tyrannical king?

11.  Who was behind,the intent  and reason for the Glorious revolution in 1688?

12. What did the declaration of Indulgence want to give England(1687) What did the declaration of Independence(1776) give America after the dust cleared?

13.  We were taught about the landing of the pilgrims and the Mayflower ship.  Who was behind and purpose of the landing of the Ark and the Dove ships in 1634?  

14.  Who is the district of Columbia, Washington D.C. named after?

15.  Of the original 13 colonies, which one was Catholic?

16.  When were the Jesuits founded and for what purpose?