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Unmasking the "New World Order"

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What, Where and Why the calling for a New World Order?

Quote from "Planned Destruction of America" by James W. Wardner.  He contends that America is not failing, but being deliberately destroyed by subversive forces from within:

"...the American people are being taken on one of the longest Trojan horse rides of history....we are being duped by our own leaders, who have conspired against  us...the declining American standard of living has been planned from the beginning....it is the result of planning at the very highest levels of American–a plan to fail, a plan to create insecurity and uncertainty, a plan to make the American people serfs in the New World Order."

How often do analysts sit back and marvel at the ridiculous and unreasonable decisions made by American leaders?  This has never been truer than it has been during the current administration.  It appears that the members of our government are making choices designed to ruin our economy rather than help it.  Researchers who have tracked our inflation and rising debt crisis for years argue that the purpose of intentionally wrecking the U.S. economy is this:  that a crippled economy will force the United States into a global economic system,  Their warnings were shown to be manifest when the American housing market crashed.  The press quickly reported that England, France, China and the Vatican–all called for an economic New World Order.

A careful study of Rome's involvement in these things will reveal that the New World Order is simply the modern version of the Holy Roman Empire, re-clothed in Marxist and Socialist garments, and carefully modified so that the blame for it can be placed on elusive secret groups, while allowing the Pope to walk gently in the midst of it as "an angel of light."