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Washington In The Lap Of Rome, 1888 Part Three

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You can download "Washington in the Lap of Rome, 1888. in PDF at http://www.seawaves.us/na/books.html  But I strongly recommend purchasing a copy from Noise of Thunder Radio.  Chris Pinto's 70 page forward is riveting!! Every American should have this in his library.  Your Roots are only has deep as your history.  This book will put your world view in the right perspective.  To purchase book go to http://www.noiseofthunder.com/books/

        The Great American Seal.
The Novus ordo seclorum on the Great Seal of the United States is governed by the all-seeing-eye in a triangle, with light blazing around it.  While some have called this the "eye of Horus," in reality, the Egyptian god never had his eye surrounded by a triangle with light in this manner.  The earliest known origins for that particular symbol are in Roman Catholic churches across Europe.  Aachen Cathedral, built in the eighth century A.D. by the Emperor Charlemagne, features the eye prominently, with variations of it were also used on the frontispieces of Jesuit writings centuries before the American Revolution.  How conspiracy writers have failed to make this connection, which becomes painfully obvious with just a little bit of research, we can only wonder at.

Now when we look at the American one dollar bill we can understand the all-seeing-eye.  We are all lead to believe the all-seeing-eye is Masonic icon.  No it is Mystery Babylon religion, masquerading has Roman Catholicism. So when your look at the dollar your looking at Rome.