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Washington In The Lap Of Rome, 1888 Part One

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This is a beginning of a series of Broadcasts to set the stage to uderstand what Justin Dewey Fulton message and reason for his book written in 1888.

This book can be purchased at Noise of Thunder http://www.noiseofthunder.com/books/

Prior to the American Revolution, Catholics in the thirteen colonies were forbidden to vote or to hold a political office, because of the centuries-old conflict between Rome and Protestant England.  But once the Revolution was over, and universal toleration was declared, the agents of Romanism immediately went to work to claim this country on behalf of the Pope.  Fulton argued that the ancient conflict that had been responsible for the bloody horrors of the Dark Age had indeed come to the shores of the New World.  Incredibly, Fulton actually believed that Rome might be able to resurrect the Inquisition on American soil if the people were not awakened to the eminent danger.  Was there any truth to his warning?

This new reprint of Fulton’s book includes a never-before-seen 70 page forward by Chris Pinto that attempts to answer that question, and documents the history of Rome in America from the early colonies to the present time.  To purchase the book click here

1.What part in colonial history did Charles Carroll of Carrollton play in the founding of America?

2. Who donated the land where the US Capital was built?

3. Who founded Georgetown University?

4.  Who sail on the "Ark and the Dove" in 1634?

5. Who was the first mayor of Washington D.C.?

6. Of the original 13 colonies which one was Catholic?

8. Who was the Queen of England at the time of the Spanish armada?