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Which Box Do You Belong To? Part Two

  • Broadcast in History
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" We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas & thoughts suggested, largely by men we never heard of " Edward Bernays

Think of the box for a moment - a church as a box, or, as we covered a few weeks ago in our podcast Mystery Babylon – the development of fenced cities by Nimrod as places of refuge. These fenced cities also reflect the concept of boxes or containers that contain the people, the fences are the restrictive barriers that are placed to limit the movement of people from entering or leaving.
Understanding this principle we can see how a church, like a fenced city, develops its fences in which the people take refuge. People learn to trust in the security of the churches, they trust in the security of the fence – which represents the beliefs or doctrines that the church uses as it's barrier, it's form of defence.
Most systems of religion teach, as Mystery Babylon does, that the individuals security is in trusting in the Priesthood that maintains the fences. This priesthood, being the Pastors, Priests, Reverends and the ruling class, claim to be the custodians of the truth and beliefs of the system.
Therefore, people are taught to put their trust in the self designated gatekeepers, and hence, do not need to investigate the truth for themselves as they put their trust in the Priesthood to manage spiritual things for them.

Martin Luther had to break out of his box.

The question is; Which box do you belong to? Which box is containing or restraining you? Which box do you belong to?