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This radio show covers topics such as philosophy, politics, history, psychology, secret societies, and religion. Turn on, tune in, and START THINKING!

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Tonight, I will be covering the unconstiutional S.1867, or the National Defense Authorization Act. I will discuss what it means for us, the citizens of the U.S. I'll also discuss the Pariot Art and share some interesting information about the... more

We'll continue our discussion from the first Solutions show. I'll be joined by Glenn Zarmanov, Erik Nillson, Migna Khan, and Michael Pellagatti. The guests will be calling in live from Occupy Wall Street and Occupy New Jersey with first hand... more

I'll have Glenn Zarmanov, Erik Nilsson, Migna Khan, and Diego Santos on the show to discuss solutions to the problems of Globalism, Corporatism, and Crony Capitalism. We'll cover the End the Fed movement, as well as the Occupy Wall... more

I will be joined by guest Ed Walker from 'Black Helicopter Radio'. We'll discuss Dark Ecstasy and the occult symbolism of the entertainment industry and how it's used to indoctrinate you and your children into accepting global government... more

I'll be joined by guest Erik-Anders Nilsson, who is an actor on the FX show 'Rescue Me'. He's also a director and the founder of the JERSEY CITY PEACE MOVEMENT. We'll be discussing the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. We'll... more

I'll be co-hosting this show with Dan Berdichevsky and we'll be covering the Psychedelic experience. We'll speak about DMT, mushrooms, Shamanism, and the widespread use of psychedlics amongst the elite. You do not want to... more

The first show left some scratching their heads, so I decided to do a follow up show to clarify some points about the thesis that was presented. I'll be covering the poly meanings of the term 'United States' and the judicial branch of our... more

This show will examine the Constitution of the United States of America. All of us can agree on the fact that our government has become too big. The question is, did the Constitution allow this to happen? We will explore the document itself,... more