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I bid you adieu as I will be leaving to podcast elsewhere. I will keep it light I will be discussing male pattern baldness and nerdy women among other things

Yup Americans are so concerned about celebrities that they fail to see what's important

tHIS WHY WE NEED OUR OWN MEDIA!!!! The media sell us a bunch of bullshiggidy. I am gonna have to defend Bill Cosby because i believe this media is full of shit pardon my language.

Bill Cosby has always been a hero of mine. It's hard to watch the man go down like this

okay it's a stupid question but, I will try to inform folks as to why these republican politicians fail. If you're a republican you might take this offensive. What you hear will be the truth from me.

what's my problem with the Democratic Party. Well talk about it. I really don't believe they are here to help our black African Americans people. Not the way I've been taught to believe at least. It's kind of complicated. I kind of have a theory... more

I don't know my politicians in my own neighborhood. So who can I complain to if the laws don't work in my favor? It's something to think about. If I don't know who the city councilman I can't be heard and my cries are silent. Is it time to... more

I am so tired of being manipulated by the media sources Fox News is the worst but CNN and MSNBC is horrible as well. It seems no one trust us to think for ourselves and it is my belief that it's time we pick up on cameras even if it our... more

how many of us spend more time complaining about your problems? Do you really believe thing will improve from doing this? It is my belief that problems exist for us to overcome them. I know that in many instances progress is... more

A sequel for the summer. We must talk about it again. Do your co-workers treat you like you like peons. Does employers that want you to be a robot and not a living being. I know what you're talking about because I've been there. It makes... more