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My Paranormal Normality


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Please join me as I discuss the paranormal/supernatural. I share my own experiences as well as the theories about understanding the paranormal and lessons opening my mind to the paranormal have taught me.

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The July 18th episode was about knowing what a ghost is, and whether or not you genuinely have a ghost in your home or business. If you've decided you really want the ghost to leave, here's an episode with some tips on how to do that.

What is a ghost? Could there be another explanation than disembodied spirits? How do you know if you've taken a photo of a spirit orb or dust? Does the past replay for eternity and sometimes we see it? Can energy be attached to... more

The first episode about Divination was pretty popular with the listening public, and it's certainly popular with me, so I thought I'd do another show about it. The list of types of Divination is rather long, so I won't be able to talk about all of it,... more

As a longtime student of astrology, I'll attempt to explain astrology (above and beyond the newspaper horoscopes). There's much more there than 30 minutes, but I'll do my best.

Book Club for ghosties! In this episode, I'll share some fiction and non-fiction reading suggestions for paranormal fans (ghost, vamps, witches, past lives, the good stuff). If you'd like to suggest a book or series to your fellow listeners,... more

There is a belief that we each, before we're born into each life, agree to a contract with the Universe. The lessons we are to learn, relationships we'll have, things to accomplish are all part of this contract. In this episode, I'll discuss... more

Are Little Green Men really green? Are they grey? Are they here to hurt us, or help us? I'll talk about my theory explaining abductions. All opinions and perspectives welcome.

As a Reiki Master, I'll explain Reiki and Psychic Healing, their uses (it's not just about healing the body) and how one becomes a practitioner.

This episode, which is a rescheduled episode (with my apologies), will cover American Folk Magick & the Superstitions from the American Indian communities, as well as other cultures that are as American as Mom and Apple Pie.

Magic isn't just for Harry Potter. Whether it's magic using Runes, Crystals, Candles or any other kind, magic is real. In this episode, I'll discuss types of magic.
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