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MyNDTALK with Dr. Pamela Brewer


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Relationship and mental health show hosted by psychotherapist.

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STRESS PANDEMIC? "Do you feel anxious or on edge a lot of the time? Do you know you suffer from stress but feel powerless to stop it? Do you have trouble sleeping, lack energy and patience, feel frequent sadness or tension, or... more

Joseph Burgo and Pamela Brewer discuss various types of defense mechanisms we engage in every day life. This show is for anyone who has ever said to him/her self or others "Now why did I do that?

The Good Life ? Join Dr. Brewer for her conversation with psychotherapist and author, Graham Music, about the creation, pursuit and maintenance of a good life. Learn about current research regarding altruism and empathy. Learn about the... more

Kayla Williams and Brian McGough met in Iraq in 2003, when they were serving in the 101st Airborne Division. She was an Arabic linguist; he was a staff sergeant who had earned a Bronze Star. In October of that year, at a time when... more

Freedom From Shame "Shame: the torment you feel when you're exposed, humiliated, or rejected; the feeling of not being good enough. It's a deeply painful and universal emotion, yet is not frequently discussed. For some, shame lurks... more

The experience of fatherhood - the ups and downs, the challenges and joys. Don't miss these thoughtful conversations with Charles Egbue Married, a Network Engineer and Father of 3 and and Hubert Braithwaite III - Divorced, a Marketing... more

Join Dr Pamela Brewer in a fascinating discussion with Kevin Hines, one of the few Golden Gate Bridge suicide survivors, and Kevin Briggs, a California highway police officer who worked much of his career trying to prevent suicide attempts... more

Join Dr. Brewer and her guest, Dr Robert Wicks, Author of Perspective - The Calm Within The Storm. In a world where living in the moment is often considered the least desireable place to be; in a world where allowing yourself to be... more

They Killed Her Son Join Dr. Brewer for her conversation with Adrianne Miranda, author of "The Scent Of My Son" and the true story of the murder and coverup of the death of her son by multiple state agencies. Joseph Miranda, 19 years,... more

Escape From A Life of Polygamy - PART ll Rebecca Musser talks about her life with her husband many, many years her senior and his many, many wives. ?Learn about a lifestyle that most never talk about. What was she taught about... more
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