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MyNDTALK with Dr. Pamela Brewer


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Relationship and mental health show hosted by psychotherapist.

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Dr. Brewer and her guest, Chuck Green - President of AlphaMaxx Healthcare , for a conversation about the impact of medical care of infants - on the mental health of a nation.

Dr. Brewer is joined by David Davoust Co-Author (with Lisa Davoust) of Building Better Humans : The Book You Wish Your Parents Had - You'll learn 12 parenting principles to raising great children, advice for new parents, how to survive the... more

"Krystal Monique Reddick is a high school English teacher in suburban New Jersey. She has a degree in African American Studies, Political Science, and English from Duke University and a Master's in Education from Rutgers... more

It's Men's Monday - and time to meet a man of many interests. He writes books and blogs and commentary and poetry... he's a consultant, he's a community organizer - what drives him? What does he think about? He's an African... more

MyNDTALK on The Other Side presents: Healing Perspectives Dr Pamela Brewer examines the concept of healing from both a psychological (with Virginia psychotherapist Dalal Musa, LCSW) and behavioral (North Carolina organizer... more

Take Back Your Marriage! In a world where a "long term relationship" can mean 2 months or less to some, Dr .Pamela Brewer welcomes renowned family therapist, educator, and author of Take Back Your Marriage - Dr. William J. Doherty to... more

If Only I Could Sleep - A heartbreaking and riveting story "Stephanie Henry's childhood took an unexpected turn when her granduncle molested her. The soul-crushing experience was but the first in a series of sexual abuses... more

Right Recovery For You : A new approach to recovery from addictive or complusive behaviors. "As long as you are operating out of what you have been told addiction is - and all the myths and lies that go along with that, you... more

Building A Better Man - Dr. William Seymour Part 3 of 3 Three men - all psychologists - from varying backgrounds and experiences come together to discuss something they all have in common - the experience of being a man;... more

There are powerful changes that occur as a result of birth trauma. Learn what often happens and what can happen to improve the psychological health of our babies. There are powerful differences we can make in our children's lives with... more
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