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Relationship and mental health show hosted by psychotherapist.

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Losing Tim ... with Paul Gionfriddo, CEO of Mental Health American and author of "Losing Tim shows that people with mental illness become homeless as a result not of bad choices but of bad policy. LOSING TIM - How Our Health and... more

The Science Of When We Laugh And Why. You will go on a fascinating journey into something we all do, all take for granted, and know so little about! Learn about the many different questions why, when and how we laugh.

Dr Pamela Brewer talks with Andrea Breaux about her experience of depression as an African American woman. Is it - was it the same as yours? Different? Join Dr. Brewer in this conversation as Andrea talks about many things she... more

Journey Through Grief Christian Rasmussen thought she knew everything she needed to know about grief. "But it wasn't until she lost her husband to cancer in her early 30s that she truly grasped the depths of sorrow and pain that... more

A Man Of Faith and Activism - Pastor Teka Obsa Fogi ...leads the Oromo Resurrection Evangelical Church in Kensington, Maryland. Pastor Teka immigrated to the United States from Oromo, a region covering the south of... more

Dr. Joe Wenke has taken on the Catholic Church with PAPAL BULL: An Ex-Catholic Calls Out the Catholic Church. Wenke bares the scars of his Catholic childhood and exposes the bizarre, absurd and downright frightening skeletons... more

The agreements we make with ourselves - that we fail to mention to others - are the agreements" that most often disappoint us. Join Dr. Brewer for her conversation with Dr. Michele Owens - and learn about silent agreements - what... more

Changing Our Focus - Saving Our Babies' Lives Before They're Born Robin Karr-Morse, Author of The Ghosts From The Nursery and Scared Sick, discusses the impact of pre-birth and birth trauma and an exciting new program that... more

Give Your Wife The Trust She Deserves Few challenges in life are as difficult as regaining a wife's trust--and few are as ultimately worthwhile. Trust can be rebuilt in your marriage! With patient, loving, self-sacrificing effort, it's possible that... more

Rising to the top of the corporate letter is an accomplishment. How you fare "at the top" may have a great deal to do with the color of your skin. Dr. Brewer talks with Keith R. Wyche, author of Good Is NOT Enough - And Other... more
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