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My Mafia Mother

My Mafia Mother


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Life lessons I learned from My Mafia Mother is all about strategies for successful living. Get my mothers timeless wisdom on a variety of topics.

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Did the jury only view Trayvon as a young thug? Is this trial evidence of a much bigger problem? What do we need to do moving forward? We will be discussing these questions and more LIVE on the next episode of My Mafia Mother on... more

Why has jurisdiction of voting rights all of a sudden been changed and why is it a major set back? What Governor tried to pass a major law while no one was looking? Which elections are the least publicized about but the most crucial?... more

Do most men thing they know what women want but have no idea? Do men know the top qualities women crave in a man? We discussed these questions and more on this episode of My Mafia Mother.

Do you know what you will need in addition to love to keep your marriage together? When tough times come and they most definitely will what will prevent your marriage from becoming a statistic? What secret weapon do couples... more

Do you know how to tell if he loves you? What words let you know he's truly in love or what actions tell you he's the one? Listen as we will discuss this question in this episode.

Do you know the secrets to building a strong relationship that stands the test of time? We revealed what you need to know so your relationship can go the distance.

Does it really matter how appreciative we are in life? Can your success and failures be determined by your level of gratitude? We will be discussing these questions and more in this episode.

So many women hate the idea of thinking of dating as a Game. Many wonder why do we have to play games? We will tackle this frustrating concept and offer insight on how to view it in a way that's easy to understand.

What does picking cotton as a sharecropper, working as The Help, getting spat on by the police and being called the N word instead of your real name all have in common? These are the things my mother experienced while growing up in... more