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Life Is A Choice: Have you ever done something you didn’t want to do and did it in the name of love, or because you were told it’s your duty, or for a promotion or to keep your current job or because they would like you the best or to fulfill your need to belong or fit in? You are not alone. This radio show takes a candid look at our choice making skills, where our choices have lead us. It evaluates where we place ourselves in our choice making process. It’s also takes a poignant look at the impact our choices have on our successes, perceived failures, health, wealth, relationships and happiness. I'm Dr. Wendy Dearborne Holistic Life Coach and I'm your host and with my experience as a life coach and a holistic healing practitioner I will help you to create the life you want to live through the power of conscious personal choice.

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Psst! Ladies! Today's show is for you. It amazes me, every time I use this phrase Pull Up Your Big Girl Panties the response I get is a little laugh, or a big laugh, a smile , a nodding of the head or a combination of all the above. The one thing all... more

It's really easy to become someone else's good or bad opinion of you. Ouch! You may not think so, but we do this all the time. And we do this because we want to belong, because we are seeking approval, because we don't know what we are... more

What does your ability to choose for yourself mean to you? Because choice is as intrinsic to us as breathing, we don't think of what our ability to make choices in the best interest of self means. What value do you place on your power of... more

Everything in life, your life, my life, our lives has originated out of the Universal Supply. The Universal Supply is a store house that is available to all things in creation. In order for you to access what you need from the Universal Supply,... more

"When one door closes, another one or window opens!" 2014! What an awesome year it has been. So much has happened, the joys and pains of this thing we call life. We've said our farewell to loved ones, family and friends. And hello to the... more

The holiday season is filled with people exchanging gifts. Good vibes. Happy times, peace to all men. Like the next person, I love to receive presents. Yet the greatest gift that I have ever received didn't come from a store or Amazon. The... more

The second step in understanding the Law of Attraction LOA is huge! A month ago we aired an episode in which we explored the first step in the LOA. Now the fun of activating and seeing your creative POWER begins. You will be able... more

What happens in the aftermath of a life altering situation or event that has occurred in your life? What happens now? Where do you go from here? What next? In the aftermath how do I get my life back on track? These are questions... more

Just because you can do a certain thing, does it mean that you should do it? Many people will answer this question with, ?No! Of course not!" Yet we do things to ourselves, negative things, on a continuous bases that impedes our ability... more

Having an attitude of gratitude and thankfulness for all things that have happened in your life, puts you firmly in the now! It shifts your thinking from victim to victor, from failure to success. It makes a statement that boldly says, I can, I have,... more
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