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My Life My Choice

My Life My Choice


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Life Is A Choice: Have you ever done something you didn’t want to do and did it in the name of love, or because you were told it’s your duty, or for a promotion or to keep your current job or because they would like you the best or to fulfill your need to belong or fit in? You are not alone. This radio show takes a candid look at our choice making skills, where our choices have lead us. It evaluates where we place ourselves in our choice making process. It’s also takes a poignant look at the impact our choices have on our successes, perceived failures, health, wealth, relationships and happiness. I'm Dr. Wendy Dearborne Holistic Life Coach and I'm your host and with my experience as a life coach and a holistic healing practitioner I will help you to create the life you want to live through the power of conscious personal choice.

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When you get out of a bad relationship, whether it was just plain and simply wrong, or mentally and or physically abusive, most women and some men know what they don't want ever again. In talking with women who have been... more

Do you understand the Universal Law of Return? No! Do you really understand what this law means? It's one of the fundamental laws of attraction that many people have a tendency to gloss over. As a result return on that type of... more

Have you ever asked God or your chosen deity for something, a sign, anything to let you know what you should do next? And then waited and waited and waited, and then waited some more for an answer? An answer that didn't come, only... more

For as long as man has known him/herself and continues to know him/herself, this burning question, ?what is my spiritual pathway?? will to be asked for eons to come. Spirituality. Dictionary.com suggests that it means ?the state or quality of... more

Today's show is about real talk, real situations and real lives. Do I, don't I? What to do. What not to do. Love, marriage, death, birth, mistakes, nutrition, conscious awareness, spirituality, choices, drugs, divorce illness, relationships, joys, pains... more

Somewhere there has been a huge disconnect between the food we eat and where it comes from. We have lost the art and understand of the value food brings. But more importantly we have disconnected from the fact that food by... more

Setting life goals is all you hear about these days, but how do you know if you have set the right goal for yourself. Part of achieving and succeeding in what you want in life is determined by the goals that you set for yourself or the end result... more

It happens all the time, images in black and white or full Technicolor surge to the forefront of your mind making you feel like screaming, crying and curling up into a tiny ball. Words, sounds, the memory of smells, the visceral feelings that you... more

Finding a new perspective for an old or new troubling situation can be a challenge. It's a challenge, because looking at the situation in the same way, from the same vantage point, doesn't inspire new and creative thinking. To create a... more

Triage is a medical term that is used to prioritize the urgency in which a medical situations need to be dealt with. This entails visualizing what the end result will be if action isn't taken based upon what is happening NOW. Determination of... more
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