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Life Is A Choice: Have you ever done something you didn’t want to do and did it in the name of love, or because you were told it’s your duty, or for a promotion or to keep your current job or because they would like you the best or to fulfill your need to belong or fit in? You are not alone. This radio show takes a candid look at our choice making skills, where our choices have lead us. It evaluates where we place ourselves in our choice making process. It’s also takes a poignant look at the impact our choices have on our successes, perceived failures, health, wealth, relationships and happiness. I'm Dr. Wendy Dearborne Holistic Life Coach and I'm your host and with my experience as a life coach and a holistic healing practitioner I will help you to create the life you want to live through the power of conscious personal choice.

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As a spiritual being havin a human moment your life is a blend of both human emotions and spiritual understanding. How you feel emotionally/mentally will let you know where you are spiritually. Your spiritual thermometer is letting you... more
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Transmuting your life is all about your willingness, your courage, passion, desire and belief that by choosing to place yourself into the fiery furnace of life you will emerge as tempered steel. Transmutation is about the evolution of self, it's not... more

We have been indoctrinated socially, religiously, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically psychologically etc, to believe that having the desire for plenty is wrong. Well, it's not wrong to desire plenty. In fact, it's part of our spiritual... more

Our bodies talk to us incessantly, just like a child calling, "Mummy over and over and over and over again." One of the biggest travesties that we perpetrate against ourselves is not listening to self! The body, your body is a barometer for where... more

Your spiritual growth is an intimate and personal relationship with self. Far too often you give your power away to the latest guru or televangelist telling you what they will do for you and your spiritual growth. I have found in my professional... more

Sometimes you need to break it down so you can build it up the way in which you want it. And sometimes you just need to break it down and walk away taking with you the knowledge that this is not a foundation or architectural design that... more

How did you get back there again? Evidentially, you choose it! Whether it's bad relationships, ill health, financial distress, broken bank account, broken relatives and friends, drugs, addictions, back sliding, broken down vehicles,... more

You, me and everyone who is in business, or an entrepreneur or have things they are wanting to achieve in life, must, and I repeat, must actively and consciously engage in a mastermind group. Why? The answer to that is simply. A... more

Is fate or destiny in the driver's seat of your life? This is the billion dollar question. If it's fate or destiny how much control or ownership even responsibility do you have for your actions? There is much to be said for the timing, contrast and... more

We all come into this life with everything that we need and or the spiritual tools to get what we need. Today's show is about becoming aware of your spiritual tool and the uniqueness of them. It's about how to use your tools effectively and... more

You've heard that old adage strike while the iron is hot? Because when it cools you will be unable to form it into what you want. You will have to conform to it. The time is N.O.W! This is what life is all about, being in and realizing your... more
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