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Life Is A Choice: Have you ever done something you didn’t want to do and did it in the name of love, or because you were told it’s your duty, or for a promotion or to keep your current job or because they would like you the best or to fulfill your need to belong or fit in? You are not alone. This radio show takes a candid look at our choice making skills, where our choices have lead us. It evaluates where we place ourselves in our choice making process. It’s also takes a poignant look at the impact our choices have on our successes, perceived failures, health, wealth, relationships and happiness. I'm Dr. Wendy Dearborne Holistic Life Coach and I'm your host and with my experience as a life coach and a holistic healing practitioner I will help you to create the life you want to live through the power of conscious personal choice.

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In order to use The Law of Attraction successfully, there are a few fundamentals that, I believe, must be in place. Today we look at the phrase ?know they self? and what that means. Many people associate ?knowing self? with likes and... more

There is a lot of controversy surrounding past lives and reincarnation. You have the camps who are staunchly, for, and against. Then you have the scientific camp. They try really hard to correlate people's account of past lives and reincarnation... more

People have asked why the Law of Attraction hasn't worked for them… in many different ways; ?why didn't God answer my prayers. Why didn't the angels help me? I'm meditating, but nothing is happening, why? I'm affirming and... more

Does anyone have the right to tell you definitively what you are feeling and why you are feeling it? Or to tell you who you must show up in your life as or how to live your life? Our lives are governed by a mixture of immutable facts and... more

Have you ever wondered if there is a secret recipe to creating a loving, meaningful and fulfilling relationship? Are you longing for or holding out for Mr. or Mrs. Right? Have you sworn off being a couple because of bad relationship... more

Everyone needs an hour of power, or at least I believe so. Your hour of power is designed by you, for you and will support you through personal motivation and inspiration in achieving your goals, desires and dreams. Your hour of power... more

Happiness sometimes proves to be as elusive as trying to hold smoke. More often than not we go on a quest to find happiness. We search high and low trying and buying all sorts of things only to come full circle and realize that we went in the... more

We kick off the fall or autumn with taking a look at the fundamental principles of what this show and our lives are all about. CHOICES! CHOICES! CHOICES! Unlimited choices, yet you can only make one at a time. That one choice that... more

Many of us lament about what we are lacking or wishing for in our lives, but how badly do we want it? Today we I will share a fable that many of you may have heard before. Using the moral of this story or metaphor and applying it to your... more

Should I ask a psychic? Can psychics really give information that can help with your decision making? There are many factors to weigh…join us as we discuss our views on the benefits of mediums, tarot card, divination cards etc.
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