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My Life My Choice

My Life My Choice


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Life Is A Choice: Have you ever done something you didn’t want to do and did it in the name of love, or because you were told it’s your duty, or for a promotion or to keep your current job or because they would like you the best or to fulfill your need to belong or fit in? You are not alone. This radio show takes a candid look at our choice making skills, where our choices have lead us. It evaluates where we place ourselves in our choice making process. It’s also takes a poignant look at the impact our choices have on our successes, perceived failures, health, wealth, relationships and happiness. I'm Dr. Wendy Dearborne Holistic Life Coach and I'm your host and with my experience as a life coach and a holistic healing practitioner I will help you to create the life you want to live through the power of conscious personal choice.

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This question, ?do my thoughts become physical things?? is a dilemma that many people face and ponder. People associate things that happen in their life with being unlucky or lucky, hit or miss or the right or wrong timing, even being in the... more

It has been said opposites attract. Perhaps this is because nature is always trying to restore balance. The Universal Law of Opposites isn't about opposing forces or even opposition. This Law clearly defines options available to us and... more

Truth: The Affects And Role It Plays In Our Lives Truth is permissive and is the foundation on which your life is built. So much hinges on this five letter word. TRUTH! Yet for many of you speaking your truth is difficult and as a result your... more

Every day, every minute every second you are living out your life based on the twenty-six letters of the alphabet that you string together to formulate your word. Each word you create brings conscious meaning and understanding to your... more

In the instantaneous world you now live in, you have lost the art of Patience. The Universal Law of Patience allows things to manifest or unfold in a time frame that is conducive to success and the highest good for all concerned. It... more

Why Is Knowing what to do and doing it are totally different things. Daily, millions of people struggle with this issue. And their struggle is real. And as a result of these mental and emotional phenomena, we wind up not experiencing and or... more

Asking the wrong questions will always get the wrong answers and in creating the life that you are wanting to manifest. ?How Do I? is totally the wrong question to ask self. Asking how, when you are consciously using the Universal Laws of... more

There is a saying that states ?your family can be a blessing or a curse!? Is there a difference between your biological family and your spiritual family? In essence, the answer to that is no, there isn't. Yet, how each individual shows up in... more

Things that have happen in your life are called seasons, whether they are deemed failures or successes. Each event or situation, each success or each failure is a season that has a divine purpose or a divine reason. Where you find yourself... more

We all have a story to tell! And your life story is created from what has happened in your life, or as I like to say ?for? your life, coupled with what you think is going to happen to you. Your life story is center around who you were and who... more
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