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Plans change. Natural disasters, political unrest, family illness. Look at COSTA CRUISELINES. Thousands of passengers were schedule to travel in the wake of this tragedy and now many are without trip cancellation insurance.

It covers tours, cruises, safaris, home rentals, airline flights, extended visits overseas by students or adults, or almost any type of holiday or business trip that involves substantial, non-recoverable expense.

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You have enough to worry about when you're traveling. Don't let your medical coverage be an uncertainty. IMG has developed two Patriot Travel Medical Insurance plans that offer a complete package of international benefits available 24 hours a day.

You can also choose from a wide range of deductibles, several Maximum Limits, and you have access to more than 17,000 providers through our International Provider AccessSM (IPA) when seeking treatment outside the U.S. You can also reduce your out-of-pocket costs when seeking treatment in the U.S. by locating providers through the independent Preferred Provider Organization.


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2) Student Groups

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5) Travel and Study Aborad


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0:00 Matthew Byrne

Hi and thanks for joining us. My name is Matthew Byrne. You have reached Navigating Health Insurance. Today our topic is going to be trip cancellation insurance and travel medical insurance. Our call in number is 818-668-5442. Thanks for joining us.

0:23 Matthew Byrne

Good morning. Today's date is January 24. It is 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time. My name is Matthew Byrne, your host. You have Navigating Health Insurance. We talked about a host of topic and a variety of subject matter related to health insurance, health reform, and various different benefits. We kind of an insider's guide. We want to give you a look at the different elements and components health insurance and the various different forms it takes. We talked about rally basic stuff like terminology and definition and more complicated and sophisticated stuff like adverse selection in a large, large numbers. So you kind of get - there is something for everyone. So, we thank you for joining us, tune in. We try to do this program weekly on a regularly scheduled basis typically on Tuesdays 11:00 a.m. So mark your calendar and join us in the future. If you would like to speak with me or ask a question, you can call 818-668-5442 and remember that all the episodes are recorded and are typed to BlogTalkRadio. Feel free to go there and find us online and you can listen to various recorded episodes at your leisure. My name is Matthew Byrne. I am the President of a brokerage called MyHealthQuoter.com. We provide individual family and group health insurance. So everyone from single student all the way up to family of four and small and medium and large groups as well. Really, our main philosophy is kind of making the insurance company compete for your business.

2:02 Matthew Byrne

Today, our topic is going to be Travel Medical Insurance and Trip Cancellation Insurance. With everything that has happened at the Costa Cruise Line recently and that ship sinking in the Mediterranean, I thought it will be a good time to maybe address some of the areas and concerns and issues associated with travel medical insurance and trip cancellation. Anytime you are taking you are hard on money and putting it into that dream vacation, it is really important to make sure you have the proper protection and insurance, you know, for you seniors out there, your health insurance policy, your Medicare does not cover foreign travel in most cases. Medicare Supplement Plan does have some of those benefits, but if you are on an advantage plan and one of the other Medicare supplement plans, you probably do not have appropriate work complete coverage in that area.

2:52 Matthew Byrne

You know, if you are going on mission trip or just traveling abroad or leaving the country for business or personal reasons, getting travel medical and trip cancellation protection is very important as the key component. You know, whether be some sort of someone gets sick, I have had clients who have gotten strep throat or someone has taken ill with a gall bladder and appendicitis and two days before they are about to fly to Europe or go on a mission trip to Mexico, they realized that they cannot make it and they are going to need to cancel in and so trip cancellation protection is a great way to make sure that, you know, you are not taking that investment. So for all your non-refundable components of travel, you know, it is a great way to make sure that investment is well protected.

3:45 Matthew Byrne

Again, my name is Matthew Byrne, you have reached Navigating Health Insurance. Today, our topics, Travel Medical Insurance and Trip Cancellation Protection. You can find us online MyHealthQuoter.com and on the left-hand navigation there is travel insurance link and you can read a lot of about some of the stuff we are covering today. Interesting story, the Costa Cruise Line ship that recently sunk in the Mediterranean, me and my family were aboard that ship two years ago, took a Mediterranean cruise, Costa Concordia, the exact same boat that you have been seeing in the news. I was on that boat with my family. You know, so a lot of people are kind of looking at that obviously. If you are on that ship, you know there is a cancellation issue there and natural disaster and political unrest, family illness, thousands of passengers were scheduled to travel, you know on cruises and with Costa Cruise Line, which is an Italian cruise line and yeah, there is a lot reasons why your trip might not actually happen.

5:00 Matthew Byrne

So making sure, it will cover tours, cruises, safaris, you know, home rentals, airline flights, extended visits overseas for students, adults, almost any type of holiday or business trip that involved substantial non-recoverable expenses. Obviously, if you have a refundable thing, you know, you would want to insure something refundable that is an important thing. You do not want to insure a refundable airline ticket. If you have a nonrefundable airline ticket that is obviously covering something you should insure with your travel medical insurance and the prices are really affordable. You can actually link or quote into at our website MyHealthQuoter.com/travelinsurance.html or just go to MyHealthQuoter.com and you can see the link there on the left.

5:43 Matthew Byrne

Again, my name is Matthew Byrne, you have reached Navigating Health Insurance. It is a weekly blog that covers a wide variety of topics, everything from accident and critical illness protection to health reform and some of the big picture stuff and cost efficient strategies for large and small and medium sized group health plans and employer sponsored plans as well as individual and family insurance. So our philosophy is affordable health insurance and provides you the information, the education. You need to make a good decision on that stuff. We really do not sell or post a particular product. We are brokers which means we have accessed to all the different products and we just provide recommendations on the ones that seemed to fit your situation, your needs. So, we can help in that your area. You can feel free to call me directly anytime or visit our website and you can shop for different plans online right there.

6:30 Matthew Byrne

So let us talk a little bit about travel medical insurance. So travel medical insurance is different in trip cancellation. Obviously, trip cancellation is going to refund your non-recoverable or non-refundable parts of your trip. It is basically a short-term travel medical coverage. It covers individuals and their dependents. You have got products for US citizens traveling abroad or non-US citizens traveling abroad. You can get coverage max anywhere from a $1 million to $8 million dollars and deductibles ranging from $0 all the way up to $25,000 of deductible. So it was a deductible. That seemed how you will have to pay before the insurance really kicks in. The lower the deductible, the better because you are going to pay less out-of-pocket but typically, lower deductible plans are going to cost you a little bit more.

7:22 Matthew Byrne

You have the freedom to seek treatment with the hospital or doctor of your choice. Sometimes, you can hold on, trip cancellation coverage within your medical plan or travel delay coverage or baggage delay benefits as well. There is a universal prescription pharmacy discount savings programs, so if you need the medicines while you are traveling, you can get them as a benefit of the travel medical insurance. You can have up to 12 months of coverage and you can manage your account using a secure web portal. So you have a lot enough to worry about when you travel, so do not the medical coverage become an uncertainty. There are a lot of different products and plans you can choose from and our website MyHealthQuoter.com gives you a host of different choices and things.

8:08 Matthew Byrne

The Platinum Travel Medical Policy is kind of a gold standard or the Platinum level. It provides the best coverage, the best protection. Also, it is a little bit more of higher on the price point but I think it is worth it. So your family deductible is something you should need to know. Let us say you have a deductible of $250, your family deductible is three times the individual deductible. If he is the only person who gets sick or have an issue so in that case, they will pay $100 on the policy would cover, cover the expenses beyond that but if the whole family got the flu or got chicken pox or something, the family deductible is three times the individual deductible. So keep that in mind.

8:47 Matthew Byrne

Another quick story for you, so on that, I was on the Costa Cruise Line, the Cost Concordia two years ago, Thanksgiving that was Thanksgiving 2009 that is the ship that sunk in the Mediterranean this January Costa Cruise Line, the Costa Concordia. It is kind of, Ah! To see my boat sitting there, half sunken. It is a tragedy and the people who perished then I think about my family but on our trip two years ago, we had an interesting story. So, my son, he is seven years old at that time. He has go the spots on his body. It is like a rash. Looks like chicken pox. Looks like the measles and we give him a bath, we do different things to try to help it go away. So we find bring him down to the infirmary in the ship and the ship's doctor takes a look at him who does not speak any English by the way.

9:30 Matthew Byrne

So we are communicating in full Italian of course we do not speak Italian that is the problem but he is like pulling out the medical manual and he points to the thing that he thinks my son has and it says the mumps and we are like Oh no! So he gets us a medicine, I think maybe a topical ointment and he says, "that we are quarantine" so we are in port and we had to the four of us have to get stay room and anchored down on the cruise ship while everybody goes out and enjoys the port affair, we are stuck on the boat which is a big inconvenience and a big headache and a big problem and not go myself. First, I did have travel medical insurance so we had some out-of-pocket exposure on that. I was able to reimburse on it but that is not the story. The story is more interesting than that.

10:30 Matthew Byrne

So it dawns on me being in a small stay room and a cruise ship rooms are obviously are smaller. They are not palatial by any means but so we are sitting there and it is dawning on me. They were quarantined and what they are going to do, is they are going throw us off this boat. They are going to say listen, you are a danger to the passengers, your son has the measles, or the mumps or something and we are going to have to go ashore and get treatment. The problem is the port we were in was Tunisia Africa, my child is going to be in an African hospital, okay? Not cool. Not good. Tunisia is having some political unrest as you may have read in the news. It just was not ideal, it is a Muslim country. Muslims are great wonderful people. I just did not want to have my kid being treated in a foreign land but I did not understand r could not communicate in and very, very scary. The end of that story is, it ended up being contact dermatitis. He took some prednisone and some topical ointment and it kind of clear up and they let us down the boat.

11:36 Matthew Byrne

But the key point of that is travel medical insurance has repatriation benefits. Okay, this is huge. What does that mean? It means that when you get sick, they will fly you out of country. They will get you home and that is huge because if you are in a third world country or even in a Caribbean or in hostile part of the world enjoying the thrills of being in an international travel, the last thing you want to do is not to be able to get back home to your doctor and the amenities that you are medical system has. So travel medical insurance had the repatriation benefit that is huge.

12:12 Matthew Byrne

With a friend who traveled to Poland. He had a stroke and he did not have travel medical insurance. His friends and family had to go to the Polish hospital to help him. There were sorts of like payola and bribes and you are getting the right care and treatment. It was just a nightmare and he was even there for weeks and he could not get repatriated, could not get - first he was not stable enough to fly then he did not have the benefits associated with doing that and they were basically holding him hostage on the medical bill so having protection takes away a lot of anxieties if you did not get the care and treatment when you are aboard and when you are traveling and then having a repatriate gets you home when you need to get home, it is huge.

12:55 Matthew Byrne

So my name is Matt Byrne and you are listening to Navigating Health Insurance where weekly BlogTalkRadio show that covers a host of different topics. Individual family and group health insurance, you can find information at our website MyHealthQuoter.com. There are links on the left-hand side about travel medical insurance. You can read about it. You can get quotes. You can even enroll online for your next upcoming trip. If you have any questions at all, I am always here you can call Matt Byrne and my toll free number is 866-577-3620. I enjoy nothing more than talking to people answering their questions. So do not feel like you will put me out if you need some help or you want to get more information, please give me a call anytime. Thank you for joining us, talking about trip cancellation and travel medical insurance on BlogTalkRadio. This is Matthew Byrne from MyHealthQuoter.com and Navigating Health Insurance. Join us next time or listen to our recorded episode at your convenience. Thanks a million and I hope to hear from you soon.