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In the bathroom w/ DIY Network's Jeff Devlin

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We’re headed into the bath to talk about innovative products that help you more easily care for little ones, and comfortably age-in-place. And we’re talking with the talented carpenter Jeff Devlin, the new host of DIY Network’s ‘I Hate My Bath!’


0:06 Theresa Coleman

You are inside MyFixitUpLife with Mark and Theresa.

0:09 Mark Clement

We are in the bathroom today with carpenter friend and host to DIY network, 'I Hate My Bath' and 'Good Better Best', Jeff Devlin.

0:15 Theresa Coleman

The universe of universal design for kids of all ages opens up when we're joined by the gold standard in bathroom products, American Standard.

0:23 Mark Clement

And the bath is the place where water and tile meet like no other room in the home. To get a hand up on installing primo tile, we get the low down from tiling-made-easy, Bondera Tile Mat Set.

0:33 Theresa Coleman

We're also taking a step back when we flush out the location of the world's biggest toilet. So let's make like the Bella Dance-a-Rella chant that hunts me at night, make your good better and your better best.

0:44 Mark Clement

Because home improvement happens now at MyFixitUpLife.

0:51 Mark Clement

Thinking about building a deck? Before you build, take time and dream a little.

0:55 Theresa Coleman

And check our Destination: Deck here or at realoutdoorliving.com for deck plan, designs, for every style of home.

1:00 Mark Clement

We are making customizable quick right through for custom deck plan that fits your family and your home.

1:05 Theresa Coleman

Your decking material of choice real natural wood, its durable, beautiful phase and the best choice for the environment.

1:10 Mark Clement

Spend you days outdoor, enjoying fun through the family and your beautiful new real wood deck.

1:16 Theresa Coleman


1:18 Mark Clement

Wood. It's real.

1:30 Theresa Coleman

And you are inside MyFixitUpLife with my husband Mark.

1:33 Mark Clement

And my wife Theresa.

1:35 Theresa Coleman

And we are in the bathroom today.

1:37 Mark Clement

Not right now.

1:38 Theresa Coleman

Not exactly.

1:39 Mark Clement

The show brought to you from our bathroom.

1:42 Theresa Coleman

Not exactly from our bathroom, but we are celebrating the bath today.

1:46 Mark Clement

Yes, as always.

1:48 Theresa Coleman

Yes and we are going to talking to 'I Hate My Bath' host, Jeff Devlin DIY network, you have to watch him Tuesday nights at 10:30.

1:55 Mark Clement

You also have to watch him on his forthcoming show, "Good, Better...Best".

1:58 Theresa Coleman

That is going to start airing at the end of September. So we do not have the exact air date yet, but check it out, go to jeffdevlin.net to check him out.

2:07 Mark Clement

He is a cool guy.

2:08 Theresa Coleman

He is and he is actually a friend for ours too. We are very lucky to know him. He is a very sweet man.

2:13 Mark Clement

Name dropping.

2:18 Theresa Coleman

Name dropping, just a little bit, but we are also having Kal from American Standard on today.

2:20 Mark Clement

She is going to talk about age and place/universal design.

2:26 Theresa Coleman

Yes and we are going to focus on kid's stuff too.

2:29 Mark Clement


2:30 Theresa Coleman

Because dear I like to focus on the kid's stuff of life, right now.

2:33 Mark Clement

Yeah and that is the thing about universal design and age place. It means the whole family.

2:39 Theresa Coleman

The entire family from...

2:40 Mark Clement

Speaking of which...

2:41 Theresa Coleman


2:42 Mark Clement

There is a new chief in town.

2:43 Theresa Coleman

There is a new chief in town? Her name is Lexy, our 10-year-old. We were in Florida and her fire chief Uncle Rod. She is like take a pause for a second and like gets it all out...

2:56 Mark Clement

No, you just see the bouncing ball thing in cartoons.

2:57 Theresa Coleman

But I would see Uncle Rod, I said my husband which you cannot actually see on the radio, but fire chief Uncle Rod, took all of us on a ride on a fire truck.

3:08 Mark Clement

He is the chief of the Isles of Capri, Florida.

3:12 Theresa Coleman

And Lexy and my husband Mark and our son Jack went on the rescue boat too.

3:19 Mark Clement

That is right.

3:20 Theresa Coleman

And we also went on the ambulance and we also checked out his fire chief car.

3:26 Mark Clement

Right, because he doesn't roll in the __3:28__

3:28 Theresa Coleman

And the funny though cool thing about it is I did really realized how much like they are on the fire chief's car like around his license plate, they are like its out of this world. So Lexy actually sat down with fire chief Uncle Road and interviewed him. Her first interview she'd ever done really before and you could check it out online at MyFixItUpLife.com account blog and also, I want you to check out our site. To say for anything like that, but our son Jack in is the new issue of Extreme How-To magazine.

4:02 Mark Clement

Yes in the article about upgrading your back door or side door.

4:07 Theresa Coleman

And the thing is that my appearance in that upgrade as I had like it to be cause Mark took a photo of Jack and I after I picked him up from preschool and I am walking in the house and I have got a little monkey lunch box and a cup of coffee and stuff, then not very glamorous.

4:22 Mark Clement

Its lot like from here to command center.

4:23 Theresa Coleman

It is real life. And speaking of that too, you can go online if you have android or an iPhone or an iPad and you can download our MyFixitUpLife and you can listened to all of our hundred shows, this is our hundred and first show

4:40 Mark Clement

Loving that.

4:41 Theresa Coleman

And you could check out our blog, you can send us e-mail, you can connect with us on Facebook and Twitter and all of that.

4:47 Mark Clement

I used my own app at the gym.

4:49 Theresa Coleman

These are MyFixitUpLife app.

4:51 Mark Clement

Yes I do. I listened to old shows at the gym.

4:54 Theresa Coleman

That is kind of fun.

4:55 Mark Clement

Yeah so follow me, when I checked in on Facebook at the gym.

4:57 Theresa Coleman

Well the other cool thing too is that you can go on our app and you can enter to win for free stuff and we are giving a way a price today later on in this show.

5:07 Mark Clement

That is right we are giving a way to hide pivoting, I know I have got to do the cartoon thing, pivoting pressure washer nozzle and a Troy-Bilt pressure washers 2700 PSI.

5:20 Theresa Coleman

And if you go to free stuff, you know you cannot enter to win that anymore, but you can answer the win two new cool prizes that are up for grab and one is a rigid five-piece combo kit and the other one is a DeWalt combo kit. I think there are nine tools in it and ToolKing is giving us this combo kit to give away to you. You go in and entire to win and its sweepstakes too. We have been doing this contest for a long time and usually, we make you ride in and tell you why you want to win. This time have gone crazy and just let you just say 'I want to win' and that is it.

5:58 Mark Clement

That is how you role.

5:59 Theresa Coleman

Easier to answer to win.

6:00 Mark Clement

And if you do not win and you are buying tools, this is brought to you by toolking.com.

6:06 Theresa Coleman

It is.

6:07 Mark Clement

Which is a super grade online and real bricks and mortar to tool store.

6:12 Theresa Coleman

It is and we just have about a minute left in this segment. I have to talk to you about the WaterSense for kids, if you to go epa.gov/watersense/kids, you can check out this really cool website that is devoted for -- like its focused on teaching kids about using water responsibly and there is a cute game on that, it kind looks like Pacman but its about like a toilet little monster and stuff on that.

6:42 Mark Clement

Its faucet man.

6:43 Theresa Coleman

And one pretty cool thing I learned on this website is that if you cut out one toilet flush a day and you will think it about like, kids like to put things down the toilet and it is fun to flush.

6:54 Mark Clement

If you're stuck, you don't need to flush.

6:56 Theresa Coleman

But if you cut out one flush a day, you can actually, that is equivalent of 32 loads of laundry a year. Isn't that incredible?

7:06 Mark Clement

That is a huge amount of water.

7:08 Theresa Coleman

Yes. And then the other thing that I learned too is that only less than 1% of the water on our planet can actually be used by people, because of salt stuff in your water too.

7:18 Mark Clement

That's right. What I learned is we are up against the break. So let's take it. We will see you with more MyFixitUpLife.

7:33 Theresa Coleman

Want to turn the kitchen our bathroom? From drab to fab, highlight yourself with Bondera.

7:38 Mark Clement

If you can't paint or wallpaper, you can put in beautiful new tile yourself using Bondera.

7:42 Theresa Coleman

Bondera makes tiling faster, easier and cleaner than using mortar or mastic..

7:47 Mark Clement

It is an advanced pressure sensitive adhesive on a roll.

7:49 Theresa Coleman

That repels water, is mold resistant and environmentally friendly.

7:53 Mark Clement

Saving time and money is beautiful with Bondera Tile Mat Set.

7:57 Theresa Coleman

Visit bonderatilematset.com for more information.

8:00 Mark Clement

Or grab a roll loads to that.

8:12 Mark Clement

And you are back inside MyFixitUpLife and planned it, that nation were global now.

8:19 Theresa Coleman

We are global.

8:21 Theresa Coleman

Oh, that's good.

8:21 Mark Clement


8:21 Mark Clement

We have got written up in __08:21__ magazine.

8:23 Mark Clement

We did. You know if you live in Canada, you could check it out. It is an article about us. It is in English and in French.

8:31 Mark Clement

For all say, we are global concern.

8:33 Theresa Coleman

We are a global concern, and this is FixitUp primetime.

8:37 Mark Clement

This is where we smooth around and to find cool stuff to bring to you.

8:42 Theresa Coleman

And I want to bring the first thing. Of course I do, I always want to go first.

8:47 Mark Clement

Thank you for least saying recognized yet. (Crosstalk)

8:50 Theresa Coleman

I want to bring this one cool thing. You will going to love my finds today. You will going to love them. You will gonna love them, you will going to like I heart Theresa's find.

8:57 Mark Clement

Is that right?

8:58 Theresa Coleman

It's like a tattoo across your chest. Maybe temporary tattoo. But the world's largest toilet -- now, I didn't know the world's largest toilet was in Columbia.

9:08 Mark Clement

I did not know they can be different size.

9:10 Theresa Coleman

And it has been there for a while. So what is cool about it is that it's Kids Commons Columbus Community Children's Museum. They have the world's largest toilet. It is in an explorer house, which they had space about learning about the house, all the ins and outs of a house, you can learn about electricity and you can climb through at chimney to the attic and you also if you are a child, you can get flushed down inside this giant toilet. It is kind of cool. So when you did flush down it also makes like a flushing sound.

9:45 Mark Clement

Okay. I will take your word for it.

9:47 Theresa Coleman

So if you are in Columbus, you know about this and if you are visiting Columbus, you got to check it out, because I did put that on my list in the next time we are there.

9:55 Mark Clement

Yeah. That is kind of a bucket list thing I guess.

9:57 Theresa Coleman

Well another cool thing I want to share to you that I have found that I know you we are going to love is, if you have seen the Veladrome that is built for the 2012 Olympics in London.

10:08 Mark Clement

No. I did not know it was built yet.

10:13 Theresa Coleman


10:13 Theresa Coleman

It is with Western Red Theater.

10:13 Mark Clement

Its summer game.

10:15 Mark Clement

Get out.

10:16 Theresa Coleman

Yeah I am not kidding you at all. It is absolutely gorgeous. You have to go and check it out online.

10:22 Mark Clement

Oh men. I can't even believe that.

10:26 Theresa Coleman

You mean like seriously, it will blow your... I cannot even describe it is just gorgeous.

10:31 Mark Clement

Somebody get Paul Mackie on the phone from wrcla.org.

10:35 Theresa Coleman

Okay so you're fixed it up fine. I want to know all about them.

10:38 Mark Clement

Well I have got to fixed it up fine, and one is called the Hard Hat Adventure and so you are driving by a job site, right? You see a 30,000 pound excavator there or skid steer, or a bulldozer...

10:51 Theresa Coleman

Anything with my son, I say.

10:54 Mark Clement


10:55 Theresa Coleman

Excavavor that's what Jack calls it.

10:57 Mark Clement

Front and loader.

10:58 Theresa Coleman


10:59 Mark Clement

Yes. Well, incredible-adventures.com/hard-hat-adventures is a place you can go to learn how to operate those things and they let you go town.

11:18 Theresa Coleman


11:20 Mark Clement

No, it is a real place.

11:22 Theresa Coleman

Okay, I am confused.

11:23 Mark Clement

The website is how you go to find out...

11:24 Theresa Coleman

So you say you drive by a construction site and go on a website.

11:28 Mark Clement

So you go by the website. I mean, you go by the job site.

11:34 Theresa Coleman

Any job type.

11:36 Mark Clement

See that stuff he say, 'I want to drive that'

11:38 Theresa Coleman


11:39 Mark Clement

Then you can't, because you are a regular person, someone is already driving it.

11:42 Theresa Coleman

Excuse me, Mr. Construction worker, May I please drive your excavator?

11:45 Mark Clement

Are you busy with that 30,000-pound excavator?

11:49 Theresa Coleman

Okay, so then you go online and so again (crosstalk) incredible-adventures.com.

11:54 Mark Clement

And what you find is a vacation you can take to Bradenton, Florida where they have a 21-acre job site.

12:00 Theresa Coleman

It is like Tennessee Baseball and stuff like that or people go and they like to play like they are in a major league or they are like those kinds of retreat, but for construction.

12:11 Mark Clement

So they will teach you how to drive a Caterpillar...

12:12 Theresa Coleman

No way, how many days it will be to do it?

12:15 Mark Clement

18, I think.

12:16 Theresa Coleman

Oh that is not fair. So you go there, they will teach how to operate these three difference pieces of equipment. One is a skid steer, one is a bulldozer and once the CAT 315 excavator and then cut loose, your driving around, your digging holes or building piles.

12:31 Theresa Coleman

So you have like, are they like competitions?

12:36 Mark Clement

They have a time test and an obstacle test. At the end of the day, I guess you can do them or not as you see it, but you're behind the figurative wheel of these things. Hold that?

12:49 Theresa Coleman

You know what brings to mine, remember that scene in Footloose, where they are driving towards each other in their own tractors and like they are playing like chicken with the tractors.

12:58 Mark Clement

I suppose

12:59 Theresa Coleman

You do not remember that? You never saw Footloose?

13:01 Mark Clement


13:02 Theresa Coleman

Oh my goodness, gracious.

13:04 Mark Clement

Despite Kevin Bacon being a Philadelphia native.

13:06 Theresa Coleman

I think they were gonna have to find that, but you know I sure this is safe on like than scene in Footloose.

13:12 Mark Clement

No, this isn't wreckless; it is an adventure but it's on -- you know.

13:16 Theresa Coleman

So what's your other find darling.

13:18 Mark Clement

We'll my other find is a book that I...

13:20 Theresa Coleman

Oh! Is it a book that you could read on the plane while you are going down to Florida?

13:25 Mark Clement

It will probably take a little longer than the plane trip to bring to Florida unless you're flying for Japan. But it is called a Carpenter's Life as told by Houses and it is a buy and if you read fine home building magazine, this guy's name Larry Haun who is certifiably a legend in our business and he has been building for no less than seven decades.

13:49 Theresa Coleman

Seven decades? So that makes him at least 71.

13:53 Mark Clement

Yeah. That is right.

13:58 Theresa Coleman

What do you mean by building? Like professionally building?

14:01 Mark Clement

Not exactly. He started out -- he was born under Nebraska prairie, so they always were making things, building things, putting this together. But he has always had tools in his hand and one of the great things about him is in the 1950s, when way we make houses changed in Southern California, he was on forefront of that and basically, we build houses the way we do today is based on what he and his colleagues much like Don Dunkley learned that building book.

14:32 Theresa Coleman


14:32 Mark Clement

It is hugely interesting.

14:34 Theresa Coleman

So the book -- is it a novel?

14:36 Mark Clement

No, it is a memoir. It is a Carpenter's Life as told by Houses and you can find it at findhomebuiding.com and he talks about houses that he had seen throughout his life that he is either visited or built, mostly built. Everything from a Quonset hut, which a military structure to an earthen home to a straw-bale house to production framing.

15:01 Theresa Coleman

I love straw-bale by the way.

15:03 Mark Clement

It is a really good idea.

15:04 Theresa Coleman

Yeah it is.

15:05 Mark Clement

It makes a lot of sense. Two greenhouses he built in his backyard, but he also talks about his approach to life and he is a very peaceful very Buddhist guy and he talks about sustainable living constantly.

15:20 Theresa Coleman


15:21 Mark Clement

And whether you agree with that or don't agree with that, what I think the most important thing about a carpenter's life is Larry gets -- he got me to ask big questions.

15:31 Theresa Coleman

I like that. And you know what else we have to do?

15:34 Mark Clement

Ask me.

15:35 Theresa Coleman

Well, I'm not gonna ask you. I'm gonna tell you like the good wife, I am and we are gonna have to go to a break and we'll be back in just a minute with more MyFixitUpLife.

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17:02 Theresa Coleman

Thinking of building a deck, but not sure what product to use? Make the start choice, choose Real Wood. Pressure-treated wood is a number one decking material and has been for decades. It is easy to find, easy to use, affordable and beautiful. Its strength and durability make it perfect for decks, gazebos, play sets and any other backyard projects. The authentic look of wood means your backyard projects, blends into your backyard. Real Wood is a perfect compliment in nature and it's simple to maintain. For more information, visit realoutdoorliving.com and follow us under Wood on Facebook.

17:42 Theresa Coleman

And you are back inside MyFixitUpLife with my husband Mark.

17:46 Mark Clement

And my wife Theresa and a great show in -- you could make the case. One of the most important, if not civilized rooms in the house.

17:56 Theresa Coleman

It is an important room. I mean being -- everyone is in the bathroom.

17:59 Mark Clement

That's right.

18:00 Theresa Coleman

Like we all spent time in the bathroom everyday and it's just such an important part of life and especially, you know, as a mommy person.

18:08 Mark Clement

Oh I love it when you refer yourself as mommy person.

18:11 Theresa Coleman

Well, as a mommy person, there is something about when you are pregnant that you start to think about the bathroom in a whole different way because you are going so much and you are in so many bathroom.

18:23 Mark Clement

You are in serving different needs you didn't have before.

18:26 Theresa Coleman

And then when you have the baby and then you are in there, you have to sit with them for the bath time and everything else and hand washing like you have to be in there more time than you ever thought you would have to be in their when you have kids, so you think about the bathroom so much that's why I'm so excited we are talking about bathrooms today.

18:42 Mark Clement

And why I'm excited that we are joined by Kal Nanji from American Standard who is waiting patiently.

18:49 Theresa Coleman


18:49 Mark Clement

To talk about everything from Aging in Place to kids products. Are you with us Kal?

18:55 Kal Nanji

Yes I am. Hi, how are you?

18:57 Theresa Coleman

We are doing great and Aging in Place is everything from taking from the kids all the way up to grown ups and your whole entire lifetime and its kind of nice to think about Aging in Place, when you are remodeling your bathroom. So you don't have to go back to it often in life.

19:16 Kal Nanji

That's right and you know with the increase in multigenerational household in the United States, it is always important to ensure that you are remodeling your bathroom to meet everyone's needs.

19:25 Theresa Coleman

Yes. And so one thing that I am pretty excited about from American Standard, I have to say is the FunBath.

19:33 Mark Clement

Oh, that's the opposite of the question I was about to ask.

19:35 Theresa Coleman

Yeah. So yeah, I'm all about the FunBath and I want you guys to make it in sort of like a grown up version. I like the princess bath for me.

19:47 Kal Nanji


19:49 Mark Clement

So Kal, first of all for people listening who can't see what we are talking about, what is the FunBath?

19:57 Kal Nanji

Well FunBath is a great product. We call it a temporary bath conversion and what it does is that it fits over your most existing 60-inch bathtubs. It's a cool product and what it does is available in three different models, a fire truck molded model, a princess castle which you referred today and also flat panel which you can customize with __20:19__ to big house from Disney, Sesame Street and some other little man characters and essentially what it does is it elevates the child to about 37 inches to where the parents do not have to kneel and it is good you can actually bathe the child.

20:36 Mark Clement

Oh you are kidding me.

20:37 Theresa Coleman

That's a really, really nice heater, you know when we remodeled our bath, we actually elevated our tub and put in a little stop to make easier for us. You know my husband is looking at me inquisitively right now, but that really had helped a lot because spending over the tub is crazy, but then also having it decorative because -- I was just talking with my girlfriend last night and when she goes shopping with her 2-year-old, you know he always picks out like he wants to drink Elmo juice or like you know the Cars juice.

21:08 Kal Nanji


21:09 Theresa Coleman

And it kind of makes him more excited about taking a bath too.

21:12 Kal Nanji

Absolutely, it makes it a lot more fun for the child and a lot easier for the parent.

21:16 Theresa Coleman


21:17 Mark Clement

Totally, I love that. Now for a boring question, I am in charge for making our show dull. And this isn't to put you on the spot at all, but you mentioned the increase in mutigenerational household in the US which fascinates me. Do you have -- and I'm not holding your feet to the fire on this one, but do you have any kind of statistics and how rapidly that numbers going up?

21:42 Kal Nanji

Well, from multigenerational standpoint I don't have exact figures, but what we do now is in the state of economy the way that it is, we know that a lot of parents are moving back into their children's homes so now you have what we call adult children and these adult children have children of their own as well.

22:03 Mark Clement


22:03 Kal Nanji

So you have an increase in multigenerational household from that and then also from a standpoint of immigration, we have a lot more diversity in the country and Asian cultures, Hispanic cultures, Eastern European cultures tend to have multifamily or multigenerational households or they have parents living with their children and obviously the children have those parents as well.

22:30 Theresa Coleman

So at American Standard besides -- you know, I fixate on the FunBath, but other things that you guys offer to make it easier when people are thinking about remodeling their bathroom to accommodate everybody that's living in our house these days.

22:48 Kal Nanji

Right. So for me at the products, for example let say for a child, you put up a FunBath, you could have the same bathroom space, you got a great product called the Generations Vanity, it's a great name. What the Generations Vanity is, the furniture vanity which is about 34 inches height perfect height to use for a normal adult, but also have an immigrated whole out step up feature which allows a shorter person or a child to actually step up and reach the sink and the faucet more easily.

23:17 Theresa Coleman

You know, I tried that out when I was there at the headquarters in New Jersey and I have to say I was in love with it because as a mommy person.

23:29 Mark Clement

I got to drink some coffee.

23:30 Theresa Coleman

You know you are constantly trying to like to figure out like this steps like you have a plastic step and all of this stuff to get the kids to be able to wash their hands or brush their teeth and everything and that stuff -- it goes away. Like it ends up in the kid's room, it's like...

23:44 Mark Clement

Right, this one though...

23:45 Theresa Coleman

And it is not pretty.

23:46 Mark Clement

On the generation's unit which is a beautiful piece of furniture literally slides in and out like a drawer.

23:48 Kal Nanji

That's right. And the front of it looks like the bottom molding of the actual vanity, so totally immigrated into that piece.

23:49 Theresa Coleman

That's one of those things where it's like -- well that just make so much sense. I cannot believe like other people aren't doing that. It just such a like -- Oh, okay. Well, it's perfect.

24:08 Mark Clement

I might use it in as much as I am in adult trial.

24:12 Theresa Coleman

You are to make yourself feel taller?

24:14 Mark Clement


24:15 Theresa Coleman

So you look like a basketball player when you are brushing your teeth?

24:16 Mark Clement

Yeah. That's right. That's right. So Kal, is there is anything that you think about when you are talking about age in place or what some people call universal design. It's kind of like a top three items to be thinking about when you are approaching a bathroom remodel.

24:33 Kal Nanji

That's right, in general you need to make sure that when you are remodeling your bathroom that you take in the consideration not only your own needs as you age in the home, but also the need of others that are in your household. So let's say you're in your late 50s you want to stay in your home for the rest of your life, you will make sure that your bathroom has -- is accessible, you have wide doorways in and out for wheelchair, instance that you could be in a wheelchair or you also have something like a walk in bathtub or you can walk in to the bath and don't have to step over a bathroom, a bathtub ledge to get into the top itself.

25:14 Mark Clement

Right. So zero clearance features?

25:16 Kal Nanji

Exactly right. You consider showers as well as a good feature to allow you to easily transfer into a bathing shower rather than having to step over the top. So those all factors you should consider. Other things that people don't think a lot is faucetry. You know, a lot of faucets are hard to use but if you consider a faucet that has a single lever and also has a hot limit safety feature that you could control how hot the actual faucet get, it's good not only for everybody, but especially good for the elderly and for children when they do not have this much -- understanding of how to.

25:58 Mark Clement

Feel like a quick reflex to say, "Hey, I'm burning my skin". Yeah, I know exactly what you are talking about.

26:06 Theresa Coleman

It is just a piece of mind to for us mommy people too to be able to judge out.

26:11 Mark Clement

Just three mommy people.

26:12 Theresa Coleman

I know. Well you know....

26:13 Mark Clement

Kal, you should consider yourself well-specialized, I suppose?

26:17 Theresa Coleman

Well then you don't have to use it like the -- one of the things that we use you could buy that at a drug stores it's ducks, you know the little rubber ducks that have the temperature.

26:27 Kal Nanji


26:28 Theresa Coleman

It said hot on them. Mark has no idea what I'm talking about.

26:29 Mark Clement

I think American Standard is a little more sophisticated than the...

26:31 Theresa Coleman

No but I'm saying that...

26:33 Mark Clement

The thermal duck.

26:34 Theresa Coleman

But if we don't have to rely upon those kinds of things and that ...

26:37 Kal Nanji

That's correct.

26:38 Theresa Coleman

And that's kind of gives me a little bit -- because I don't know if the duck is gonna to work. I don't trust the duck always.

26:43 Mark Clement

Kal, does American Standard use the ducks in your company?

26:46 Kal Nanji

No. We have no ducks.

26:49 Mark Clement

We have no ducks and we have no time Kal.

26:52 Theresa Coleman

Oh, we have to take a break.

26:54 Mark Clement

We are going to swim in to a bathing break and we will be back with more with MyFixitUpLife.

27:05 Mark Clement

MyFixitUpLife is brought to you in part by Family Tools, a supplier of carpentry hand tools, laser measuring tools, automotive tools, tool sets and tool boxes for construction professionals, mechanics and home improvement enthusiast. For more than 165 years, this family brand has been synonymous with quality reliable products for the jobsite, workshop, and garage. For more information about these family products, visit familytools.com or call 1800-FAMILY today.

27:41 Theresa Coleman

And you are inside MyFixitUpLife and we are ready to announce a winner.

27:46 Mark Clement

Game day. Winner, here it is.

27:49 Theresa Coleman

Can I just -- or I guess if we talk about what the product is first, I'm so excited to say who won.

27:54 Mark Clement

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. We are jumping over like the best part to give.

27:57 Theresa Coleman

Yes. The Hyde pivot pressure washer nozzle and the Troy-Bilt pressure washer.

28:03 Mark Clement

2700 PSI gasoline powered pressure washer.

28:07 Theresa Coleman

I'm telling you, if you have -- if you live in a single family home or you know, I don't know who doesn't need a pressure washer, there are so many projects.

28:15 Mark Clement

You have sliding nets getting moldy or dirty, if you are doing a painting project, if you want to clean your driveway.

28:21 Theresa Coleman


28:22 Mark Clement

All kinds of stuff.

28:25 Theresa Coleman

And this pivot pressure washer nozzle from Hyde, I mean it helps you not to be -- you do not have to be a contortionist to use it.

28:30 Mark Clement

Climb in on a ladder, using it off balance.

28:33 Theresa Coleman


28:34 Mark Clement

Using it outside of a deck real situation.

28:37 Theresa Coleman

Let me read the winning entry for this prize.

28:40 Mark Clement

Let's see if this person knows if they won or not.

28:43 Theresa Coleman

We have a two-storey house and I can't clean the top of our house plus we have a front porch that's hard to reach and we also have a composite wood deck that needs to be sprayed out and I just don't have the power in my arms anymore to clean it all by hand and it is a three-storey like it is a three-tier deck. Do you picture that?

29:02 Mark Clement


29:03 Theresa Coleman

This person sent in, and it is just -- it's enormous this deck a lot of work to be able to clean it up. So Cathy from Minneapolis, you won. Congratulations! I am so excited for you.

29:15 Mark Clement

Totally. Please send us pictures of the newly cleaned.

29:20 Theresa Coleman

Of your newly cleaned deck. I am so excited for you.

29:23 Mark Clement

Let us know how the Hyde pivot pressure washer nozzle and the Troy-Bilt 2700 PSI pressure washer work out for you.

29:32 Theresa Coleman

And we are working out to a break, we will back in just a minute with more MyFixitUpLife.

29:52 Commercial

Got a home improvement question, MyFixitUpLife with Mark and Theresa are ready to help. Call toll free 888-710-5557 or email info at myfixituplife.com to ask your home improvement question. From decks to tiling, licensed contractors Mark and Theresa wanted to help make your next home improvement project easier. Call them at 888-710-5557 or email info at myfixituplife.com for their helpful advice today. MyFixitUpLife with Mark and Theresa is what's next in home improvement entertainment. Portion to this program brought to you by Codify Design Studio, specializing in graphic design technology across print, web and mobile devices. Visit codifydesign.com.

30:38 Theresa Coleman

Pamper your skin the way nature intended with Green Street Luxuries. Green Street Luxuries offer you vegan and vegetarian friendly homemade luxury soap, lotion and skin care products that of natural and healing ingredients. Try Green Street Luxuries today at greenstreetlux.com

31:06 Mark Clement

And you're back inside MyFixitUpLife, back inside the bathroom.

31:12 Theresa Coleman

We are in the bathroom today and you know, we like to say our son Jack his bathroom buddies with his meme.

31:19 Mark Clement

That's right.

31:20 Theresa Coleman

I'd liked to say we are bathroom buddies with our caller on the line.

31:24 Mark Clement

I don't want to say that. We are buddies though -- he is already laughing.

31:28 Theresa Coleman

Maybe that's why he is on a show called 'I Hate My Bath' because I am referring to him as being bathroom buddies with your darling.

31:35 Mark Clement

Yeah, Jeff so you know was that means and please got our audience knows what that means. Jack's grandmother meme, which is French for grandmother, used to spend time with him in the bathroom watching the...

31:50 Theresa Coleman


31:51 Mark Clement

Drier cycle goes. So he would go to sleep hence bathroom buddies.

31:55 Theresa Coleman


31:55 Mark Clement

You and I just buddies. Yeah I am glad you like that one as a parent of two children.

32:03 Jeff Devlin

Yes, you know what if there was a drier in my bathroom and I could make it entertaining, I'd put one in there. Honestly, whatever work to entertain the kids. We in Nintendo DS and all that sort of stuff.

32:14 Mark Clement

Jeff, forget about that it's just a drier.

32:16 Theresa Coleman

Okay. So...

32:17 Mark Clement

You should take them to a laundromat and do a show called I hate my laundromat.

32:21 Theresa Coleman

So Jeff Devlin, your new show I Hate My Bath it just premiered last week and it's on Tuesday night on DIY Network at 10:30, is that right?

32:31 Jeff Devlin

That is correct.

32:32 Theresa Coleman

Okay. So everybody you have to watch this show.

32:35 Jeff Devlin

Yes, please.

32:36 Mark Clement

And you do -- and Jeff I'm gonna go ahead and I will make fun of you basically for most of the rest of this interview.

32:44 Jeff Devlin

That's fine, that's fine.

32:45 Mark Clement

You were stellar. __32:48__

32:50 Jeff Devlin

Is this gonna cost me a beer?

32:52 Mark Clement


32:52 Jeff Devlin

Is this gonna cost me a beer? No, thank you very much.

32:55 Mark Clement

No, I am not joking. You are terrific on that show.

32:57 Theresa Coleman

You are quite charming. I'd always enjoy watching you on camera. There is something about you that you're so like, I don't know inquisitive and sweet and handsome and...

32:57 Theresa Coleman

You are quite charming. I'd always enjoy watching you on camera. There is something about you that you're so like, I don't know inquisitive and sweet and handsome and...

33:10 Jeff Devlin

You know what I've -- I really does -- I love what I do and the fact that I get to do it and I get to combine my love of construction and carpentry with TV and honestly, I get to meet new people each and everyday and I get to really kind of see the latest and greatest products out there. So for me, it's extremely exciting there should I ever be in a bad mood when I get to go and said it, it is just fun. I mean you know Mark, when you get to set some based or when you get to a job and how exciting something new is to you, it's just fun. I mean I am just very blessed.

33:45 Theresa Coleman

And for everyone listening if you happen to not know how Jeff Devlin is. You got to go to his website jeffdevlin.net.

33:52 Mark Clement

Jeff servers are probably going down now.

33:54 Theresa Coleman

Yeah. They probably are. Now, Jeff you know I haven't found you on Twitter yet. Are you on there?

34:00 Jeff Devlin

You know what I have them. I am just a - I slow with the technology aspect of things. I have just went on Facebook and try the whole fan page thing. It feels a little weird to do like a fan page thing, but I am getting better. I am getting better added them, getting better of hosting and stuff like that. Because I did not know what to post, I mean like I having a piece of pizza right now.

34:28 Theresa Coleman

Well, you know a lot of people do that and it is kind of funny that you know like we follow Sunny Anderson. He is on Food Network and she consequently -- well, she is on Food Network and she constantly tweets about what she is eating and sending like pictures of what she is eating and it's appropriate, but I don't know it's just...

34:48 Mark Clement

For you, it would probably need to be focused around home improvement.

34:52 Theresa Coleman


34:52 Mark Clement

Brushing my teeth.

34:53 Theresa Coleman

Like I'm brushing my teeth now.

34:54 Jeff Devlin

Well that's - the thing is like I get so excited about showing some of these new products, but you know, we shoot the shows in advance and then they air you know like a month or so later so I can't key the product and so after the show airs.

35:07 Mark Clement

Of course.

35:08 Jeff Devlin

I get really excited about it, I am like 'you guys have to see this toilet. It talks, and it does all the stuff', I can't really do that if we are still at air. That's why I can totally forget everything. I am like what was this where was I.

35:22 Mark Clement

I'm with you, because your amped up about the next thing that you didn't have to wait a month for and then you are not amped up anymore, you have to go back to being amped up and what was I am talking about.

35:31 Theresa Coleman

And then with your travel schedule too, you probably don't even know where you have half the time.

35:36 Jeff Devlin

That has definitely been you know with having a family and trying to maintain that and making sure my kids don't forget who I am that back and forth you were like where I'm and exactly whether did I get the window seat this time and which way I may going.

35:52 Mark Clement

Yeah, look father who is over rated.

35:55 Theresa Coleman

Also I want to know about your other show that's coming out the 'Good, Better...Best' show. I don't know anything about it. So please tell us.

36:02 Jeff Devlin

Most definitely. That one actually it's just start to pick up and it's actually airing September 29th. I don't know of an actual time yet, I let you guys know as soon as I get that, but that's a different show more geared towards design built companies that a home owner is given three different options or three different design choices and then they pick whichever wanted to do a good, better or best for them and then we sort of walk them through the process with the contract __36:27__. You know just giving them advice how to deal with contractors, how to like what products are good you know what's good for everybody is you know I should say what's good for some isn't good for everybody. And then working with people's budget and being a little bit more you know I guess economical with their choices and their budgets.

36:48 Mark Clement

Do you help them or do you just sort of observe the process?

36:52 Jeff Devlin

I help them at any term. You know me Mark, I got to get paid for you and like I am sitting there watching things, let me touch it, let me touch it.

37:01 Mark Clement


37:02 Jeff Devlin

But yeah I definitely get my hands dirty.

37:04 Theresa Coleman

That is so cool. So I want to ask about your house though. So you get traveling all over the place and you have a very old home.

37:12 Mark Clement

He is got like a 400-year-old house.

37:14 Rob Madore

And, yes. Exactly. So...

37:17 Jeff Devlin

That's settled. Neglect is the best term to describe it these days. I am home today so I am actually trying to get some of that -- literally, I am staring at a lift that my wife made for me that I don't think that have to get done today.

37:31 Theresa Coleman

Do you know how fun that is? You know for people that are listening and then they know from TV and everything and you know a lot of women watch home improvement shows and says "Oh! You know I wish that guy would be my husband and he would take care of my house and everything.

37:46 Jeff Devlin

And he is building in addition everyday.

37:48 Theresa Coleman

I know you feel that this listed everyday and everything like that. There have been no projects left undone and to know that you have a honey-do list show is kind of, I like that.

37:58 Jeff Devlin

And it all kind of weird checking monkey stuff on it like.

38:01 Theresa Coleman

Chicken money stuff?

38:02 Mark Clement

Chicken money stuff. Fix leaking faucet motion.

38:05 Jeff Devlin

That's the funniest thing I would drain for our showers clog. I am like, 'Sweetheart, haven't you watched any of these shows that are done. You know how to do this. Come on, I would even sneak out. You thought you could do this and how are yourself ladies?

38:20 Theresa Coleman

So do you like DVR your shows and then you are like, okay look at episode number 4.

38:25 Mark Clement

You heard them about technology before including DVD-R.

38:27 Theresa Coleman

Oh, sorry. Okay.

38:30 Jeff Devlin

I am thanking on my kids cause my kids could figure out you know they program everything in the home. They know how to DVR everything, so I am trying to teach my son all this lovely traits and I am like, 'Alright. So if mommy asked to do this or what you do is -- if you're busy and you got to do your homework that is how you roll it' into you know anyway. But basically, they know how to - the kids are getting interesting and you know your kids are that age where they are just excited about going out being with mom and dad getting involved to learning. They are like little sponges so anytime we can teach them something and my wife gets out and doing it, it's fine as long as there is no crazy power tools in the _39:04_, they are fine.

39:05 Mark Clement

Oh, that's great.

39:06 Theresa Coleman

Did you ever bring your kids to the set? Like, have they ever seen you actually work on camera?

39:11 Jeff Devlin

I have, but I think they are so used to seeing me work around the house and stuff like that. They have only come to set a couple of times and they loved it. They were kind of like you know, "Why is there camera on you daddy?" I'm "I don't know kids. To pay check I am not sure." They are little sort of boggled originally if they were kind of like 'wait a second you're on the television right now, but I can see you right here in the room, how is that working?' So that was a four-hour conversation that I have with them _39:40_. It really came out.

39:43 Mark Clement

That's awesome. That is awesome. So I am gonna change the subject a little and this is the part right now make fun of you for the rest of the interview.

39:50 Theresa Coleman


39:51 Mark Clement

Tell me about the concrete thing in the 'I Hate My Bath'. It weighed a metric ton.

40:01 Jeff Devlin

Mark, I can't, I still have nightmares about that as I am saying. First of, on the packaging slip, it didn't show. It said like 7 or 350 pounds, but think to a total amount to be like 1500 pounds.

40:16 Theresa Coleman

No way.

40:16 Mark Clement

Oh no!

40:18 Jeff Devlin

And I am not kidding you.

40:19 Mark Clement

So you didn't got...

40:20 Jeff Devlin

You know you got to figure out how to get it up there and then the best part is if you watch that episode last week, where we all lift it we got our steps on that we are trying to list all of us. You know I am not a very big guy. That doesn't couple of guys there that pretty big so I thought we budget it a little bit. We receive our budget. I mean literally I felt I was like 'This is insurmountable' like 'there need to be a helicopter or a crane getting this thing upstairs', but you know by sheer force and will that sucker got up there. It took four hours to get it up those steps, but then no damage to the wall mind you. So yeah, it's up there and good.

40:56 Mark Clement

Did I hear you right you thought it was gonna weigh 350 pounds and it showed up being triple. No, five times in weight.

41:05 Jeff Devlin

You don't know how it was like as a manufacturer that we get some of the mold used different levels of concrete or different levels of sink and they might do a thinner veneer or something like that over a foam or something like that. So you really don't know when you look at the slip and in a lot of times I am back and forth so much and they are might you look at it you like 300 pounds no problem you know that would be fine and then you try to lift it up and you are like holy macadamia nuts. __41:31___.

41:33 Mark Clement

Nice. All I could go away from that was holy macadamia nuts.

41:35 Theresa Coleman

Macadamia nuts. Yeah.

41:36 Mark Clement

Yeah. I will be using that for...

41:38 Theresa Coleman

Thanks Jeff I will be hearing that a lot, yeah.

41:40 Jeff Devlin

Wonderful. I am glad I can be your dictionary. I am a horrible dictionary by the way because I make up words everyday.

41:49 Theresa Coleman

Oh my goodness.

41:49 Mark Clement

That is perfect. So you have now filmed a bunch of 'I Hate My Bath'.

41:55 Jeff Devlin

Yeah. We just gonna shooting the first season. I will wrap up. I fly back up to Minnesota this week. Tomorrow actually and then shoot the last couple of episodes of that. So yes, the first season __42:08__ and they are just gonna keep rolling them.

42:10 Mark Clement

Wow, now.

42:11 Theresa Coleman

So you have to fly out to -- you are filming in the Minnesota and out there for them...

42:16 Mark Clement

For 10,000 likes to region.

42:18 Theresa Coleman


42:19 Jeff Devlin

Yeah, yeah. I am literally in Minneapolis, which is nice because it is the summer time. Well it has been the summer time there when I started filming. So it has been nice and everybody keeps worrying me about when is this. So I am hoping for a season 2, but if I do, I am gonna have to get some thermal underwear and all that sort of stuff.

42:36 Theresa Coleman

That's hot.

42:36 Mark Clement

You are gonna need a warm suit like those highway guys use, you know.

42:41 Jeff Devlin

You know I was gonna just wear a wet suit and just you know because it feel it work you were you should work indoors like just be inside the suit keep myself warm. I told you _42:51_.

42:51 Mark Clement

The astronauts do it. That's how they stay warm in space. That's the same in Minnesota.

42:56 Theresa Coleman

Oh, my goodness.

42:58 Mark Clement

We are really talking about that.

42:59 Theresa Coleman

I don't even know where I am right now.

43:01 Mark Clement

In public.

43:02 Theresa Coleman

So, I am gonna change the subject a little bit.

43:04 Mark Clement

Are we gonna talk about 'Good, Better...Best'?

43:06 Theresa Coleman

Well, I think we should, we have just about a minute left and you know that's a new show for everybody and you know, I want to know like you know what do you deal with when people you are going through. What's good, better and best? What are people usually picking?

43:23 Jeff Devlin

I think -- Ideally, people look at things. They step back and they are like -- I want those __43:26__ better, the million dollar ___, but I understand that they are a million dollars. So just be kind it not to say where under budgeting something but for people to understand what contractors built were two when they were presenting and then saying like. 'Here is what you want within your budget, but then people want more than that. So you they give them other options to sit within their budget and really budgets are a huge deal. I don't care who you are, how much money you got or whatever. You still have to stick to that budget and you honestly have to be honest with them. You have to be honest with them. You have to be honest with contractors and with the history of contractors especially reasonably doing such _44:04_ out there and not being craftsmen than anymore. It has been tough for homeowners to trust them. So that hopefully, the bond between homeowners and contractors that kind of people use all this time were built.

44:17 Mark Clement

Wow that is a -- write that down and send it to me.

44:24 Theresa Coleman

And then Mark will use it for a blog.

44:26 Mark Clement

And then when the show posts on our app. I will send it to you, so you can send it back to me. That was awesome.

44:33 Theresa Coleman

And then you guys can wear wet suits together.

44:35 Mark Clement

Yeah in the bathroom.

44:36 Theresa Coleman

Yeah you're so insane.

44:37 Jeff Devlin

Yeah, totally. We are bathroom buddies Mark.

44:40 Theresa Coleman

You guy really are bathroom buddies. If you are wearing wet suits in the bath in the way that you want it. Yeah.

44:45 Mark Clement

You heard it. Your first in MyFixitUpLife. So follow Jeff Devlin at jeffdevlin.net. Check out the shows Good, Better...Best and I Hate My Bath.

44:52 Theresa Coleman

And fan him on Facebook.

44:53 Mark Clement

Fan him on Facebook. We are taking a break. We will back with more MyFixitUpLife.

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47:48 Theresa Coleman

And you are inside MyFixitUpLife with husband Mark and...

47:54 Mark Clement

My wife Theresa.

47:55 Theresa Coleman

And we are still in the bathroom.

47:57 Mark Clement

We are still in the bathroom. The room that to me, if look at it globally.

48:02 Theresa Coleman


48:03 Mark Clement

The market that civilized society is indoor plumbing.

48:06 Theresa Coleman


48:07 Mark Clement

You do not have indoor plumbing, forget about it.

48:08 Theresa Coleman

I like that you are taking a little bit seriously. We just got off talking with Jeff Devlin about being bathroom buddies and now you are all commercial break taking it serious.

48:17 Mark Clement

Now, I am on History Channel.

48:19 Theresa Coleman

Yes you are.

48:20 Mark Clement

But no one really thinks about that because what you are interfaced with all day.

48:25 Theresa Coleman


48:26 Mark Clement

Is to finish it.

48:27 Theresa Coleman


48:28 Mark Clement

Not the least of which and probably, the most important, certainly top two is the tile keeping the water out of your cabinets and your walls.

48:35 Theresa Coleman

Well, that is kind of really important and on the line right now, we have Rob.

48:40 Mark Clement

Rob Madore from Bondera.

48:42 Theresa Coleman

How are you Rob?

48:45 Rob Madore

Very good, good morning. Long time no talk.

48:47 Theresa Coleman

Yes. It has been a little while and I am exited to talk to you because I talked about Bondera all the time with girlfriends and the thing is that people just are like no way does it really do that, no way they really can't do that.

49:01 Rob Madore

Yes, I don't know even when we are talked about the contractors or remodelers that you can do a little of couple of things, but yes it does do that.

49:13 Theresa Coleman

And let us tell everybody what it does do though.

49:13 Mark Clement

Let me ask you this question.

49:17 Mark Clement

Well, yeah.

49:18 Theresa Coleman

For everyone who is not us, who knows everything about it and used the product. I mean it's actually, it makes tiling so much easier it takes it from really a pro kind of thing you know an advanced DIY project into a DIY project.

49:18 Rob Madore


49:35 Mark Clement

Yeah Rob gives us sort of a summary of what Bondera is and what and what it does.

49:41 Rob Madore

Sure. It is a pressure sensitive membrane of double-sided sticky paper like __49:48__ time and it is a three in one. It is a tile adhesive, it is correct isolation and it also watertight and waterproof, which means you, can use it on the walls or countertops. Tops around shower around and makes it simple to you. You are adhering to the substrate, you stick the tiles on and it allows you to grout immediately. There is no real _50:11_, it is clean and it easy to do and you can finish it very quickly or you can take as long as you want and just do sections at the time if you do desire.

50:22 Theresa Coleman

Well in the quickly saying really is key for me and for you know I am talking about my girlfriends too is you can finish a project in a weekend. You can actually whole backsplash in a weekend you know and even sealing everything too after you are all done and that is the thing I love about it is that you are not messy, you don't have all the glue everywhere and you don't have to worry about keeping everything flat and everything like it is all right there and that it is just take save so much time like your honey deal list for your husband, totally knock it out.

51:00 Mark Clement

You raise a good point especially if you are doing a flat surface or a horizontal surface like countertop. Rob, you are not dealing with any lippage where the tiles are higher or lower because you have not pressed them in to thin set properly. Is that pretty much accurate?

51:17 Rob Madore

Yeah of course, the bigger the countertop is just gets an old Formica laminate countertop, but it is highly look at and when you operate you do don't need to rip it out in this with Bondera on it is the most pieces of granite or marble or regular tile, upgrade countertop and I look likely too for half the cost and half the time of headache that you would have if you did not deal with.

51:42 Mark Clement

Tearing out a countertop is highly, whether it is in the bathroom or the kitchen.

51:48 Theresa Coleman

Oh yeah.

51:48 Mark Clement

It is a bathroom-focused show, but now I am thinking about the kitchen. Taking on a countertop is no small bag of potatoes.

51:56 Theresa Coleman

Oh no.

51:57 Mark Clement

Not in official terms.

51:58 Theresa Coleman

You know for our listeners who likes DIY network and have seen their kitchen encounter or the bathroom counter come out and I have heard that people go through to try to get it out.

52:08 Mark Clement

It is easier too. So basically Bondera has enabled home owners to encapsulate their countertops.

52:15 Rob Madore

Correct. Turn things out. You know I cannot step out of my house and once you start, you end up tearing more than what your personal intention is for.

52:25 Theresa Coleman

Oh that is so true, because once you get started with any project, they always get, they always growl. They are just like -- it is just like you know I don't know it's like an avalanche of DIY. Once you get started one thing, you roll down the hill and it is just like more and more and more and more stuff especially if you are carrying stuff out but if you are doing things like this...

52:48 Theresa Coleman

You can keep it a little bit more controlled.

52:48 Mark Clement

Well to talk about...

52:51 Mark Clement

Yeah, you can control the universe, but to bring it back to the bathroom and to bring it back to installing a new bathroom, it seems to me like using Bondera means that instead of using a more expensive hardware to install substrate, you can stay with green drywall and still get waterproof with Bondera?

53:14 Rob Madore

Is that greenboard -- I mean, we still recommend the normal waterproof substrate that is recommended whether it is a greenboard or a cement board or hardy board anything about nature is fine when you use the Bondera work.

53:31 Mark Clement

Cool. And do you have to do anything like I am thinking now about the adhesive nature Bondera and the dusty nature of cement board, would you have to prime that?

53:43 Rob Madore

The cement board, you just got to wipe off the dust. When it comes to greenboard or hardy board, a cork setting primer works great. I also recommend that the sheets of Bondera are put next to each other until we recommend our wet seam paper that you would at the seam to make sure that it looks water tight and you just go from there.

54:08 Theresa Coleman

Well you know one thing that I did that you know, I am always in to using cut off for everything for all of our projects and we used some strips of Bondera to like to makeover some frame for our daughter to give to her grandma as a Mother's day present last year which was just so cute you know cause like we only tiled it. Just like we would you know tiled our backsplash or whatever and it works great I mean it is just such a fun thing to use and it was easy for our daughter to tend to use Bondera too and it is so cool.

54:47 Rob Madore

Yes we had a lot of folks when we go on shows that the mosaic or artistic side and do a lot of mosaic and Bondera really do some flexibility there because you put the Bondera on your kitchen table, leave the back liner on, so it does not stick to the table.

55:06 Theresa Coleman

You got the point.

55:09 Rob Madore

To deal the front layer and start you know tiling or mosaic you know create your own mosaic, you could take a week. You could take two months to create it. It doesn't matter. Just put the upper front liner on when you done at night so it doesn't get all dusty and everything and then when you are ready, you cut around it, peel the back liner and stick around the wall and you would get your own creation that you made mosaic that you can put on the wall and keep tiling from that.

55:33 Theresa Coleman

That is such a good point. I am inspired now. I will gonna do more projects.

55:35 Mark Clement

Yeah I love that element too that not only can you do it quickly, you can do it at your own pace, which is huge and not something you can do when you are mixing up batches of thin set or at least not easily and the other thing, we have to do that is not easy.

55:49 Theresa Coleman

Oh, we have to direct everyone to go at bonderatilematset.com. Check out the video cause if you really like "Huh? What is that?" Check out the video. It all be made crystal clear and you will love it as much as us and we have to go to break.

56:01 Mark Clement

We will be back with more at MyFixitUpLife.

56:11 Theresa Coleman

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And you are inside MyFixitUpLife at the end of our show.

56:41 Mark Clement

Yeah our bathroom show and we wanted to leave you with a hit if you are considering remodeling your bathroom.

56:47 Theresa Coleman

Actually, a really important thing to think about more than -- trying to check out the perfect toilet or the perfect tub or you know trying to get the color and the tile just so and just right. It is planning ahead for all of that stuff that you are gonna need to renovate your bathroom. The bathroom can be a really small space and well where do you put all your tools and where do you stage your toilet that you are gonna be putting in to your new bathroom?

57:13 Mark Clement

And everything else from drop cloth to paint cans to joint compound. It is all gotta go somewhere where people find out quickly when they are remodeling a bathroom is it can't be in the bathroom with you.

57:24 Theresa Coleman

No, usually your bathroom is not very big to be able to juggle all that stuff around and unfortunately, you know a lot of people are -- if you think about renovating a bathroom, if it is like the bathroom upstairs that your family uses that means your probably can have to take over someone's bedroom or part of a bedroom in order to do that and planning ahead and trying to figure out where is everybody gonna sleep and be comfortable throughout the renovation process.

57:51 Mark Clement

Right exactly and if it is not you doing it, it is gonna be a contractor who is doing it. So plan ahead makes space for all those things that you need not need to take your pictures off the wall sometimes if you have a huge _58:06_ job, otherwise, it might be moving furniture or putting down drop cloths, you do not walk in there with dirty boots.

58:12 Theresa Coleman

Yes and you know, also the other thing too is just trying to make sure everybody in the house understand what's gonna happen when you are doing the project and you know you planned out how long it is gonna take, but add time to that too so that you are not trying to finish a major project like a bathroom renovation right before thanksgiving or before you know like brain break or something.

58:36 Mark Clement

Or during thanksgiving when we have done various projects. Just throwing it out there.

58:41 Theresa Coleman

We actually still did our main bathroom in our house right before thanksgiving and we did not finish it in time. Well, my mother-in-law came to visit and it was -- she was a very nice lady, I have to say. So anyway I leave you that, but don't forget to go to myfixituplife.com and click on free stuff to check out the prices that are up for grabs because I want you to win.

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And join us next week for MyFixitUpLife.