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Our Sexually Sick Society

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Creator of the LunaQueen System, from Lunatic to LunaQueen. Her upcoming book is, LunaQueen: The Divinely Feminine Art of Lunar Charting and Conscious Living. In her book she presents a lunar calendar for charting from females/males. She explains that females are lunar/solar beings, and males are solar/lunar beings. For the last 12,000+ years people have been acclimated solely to the solar frequency. This has caused lunacy to plaque the planet via the female who is the bearer, and first teacher of both males and females. Allowing emotions to rule the intellect, as a result of no knowledge of the emotions. Because you can't control what you don't know. Self-knowledge therefore becomes of supreme value for gaining your identity and divinity. Once this knowledge is known then control can be exercised over a known entity, the self. The lack of this knowledge causes females to start their debate after conception. A primary discussion begins before sex takes place. Knowing that sexual intercourse can lead to conception or disease, then one makes a conscious decision of whether to achieve or avoid conception, use protection or postpone until later. Only when sexuality is understood in consciousness can it reach its fully potential as an expression of Universal Life Energy. In that the populace of the United States and a large part of the known world operate less than conscious awareness, we have s Sexually Sick Society. This is primarily an inheritance of slavery which affected all parties involved in the system. Sex was used as a weapon and punishment. Sex was wanton and violent. There has never been a therapeutic system set forth to correct this trend. Myeka discusses all of this and takes your questions in the chat room. On some occasions she will have guest that will share evolutionary information. http://www.sheinstitue.tripod.com Myeka is presently the Chairperson for The Committee For Truth In History, http://history.2truth.com/