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If you would like to become a confident cook and the master of your kitchen but don't know where to begin you are in the right place my friend! Listen regularly, call in, send a message, post a question, or visit and you will be surprised to discover the fabulously talented chef that dwells within you. But be prepared...This transformation will also stimulate positive changes in your relationships and your life. So let's start cooking something you love for someone you love today! Even if you are alone in the kitchen it cannot help but be filled with love. Enjoy!

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Join Alex and Christine as they celebrate Easter by sharing their tips, tricks and recipes for a memorable holiday. Happy Easter!

Preparing for Easter

Deep fried foods can be a part of a healthy diet and provide a fun family experience. Get everyone involved in preparing the foods, batters, and breadings. Practice safe cooking techniques that will help avoid fires and minimize health... more

Come celebrate this unusual holiday with My Mother's Secrets!

Join me in a classic pairing of Apple Dumplings and a Walt Disney Classic. This is an old time audio play that also has a classic introduction by Walt Disney.

Hungarian classic recipes

Shamika Pender is the author of the book Happily Single: Being Single & Loving It. She has integrated her life experiences and lessons in her first book by dispelling the myth of singlehood as a curse. ABOUT THE BOOK: Every young... more

This is a series dedicated to Mom's favorite soups and breads. Each week we will feature a wonderful soup that can be enjoyed as light lunches or hearty dinners. Mom will also share a recipe for a wonderful accompaniment to go along... more

Join Christine Kish and Chef Alex Cardinale as they will be chatting about Chef Alex's first month at his Culinary school. Alex is currently taking up Culinary Arts at Branford Hall Career Institute in Springfield, MA! Come listen to learn A... more
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