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This is an expository teaching program that is designed to impact the lives of the hears with the revealed word of God.

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When we come out of a situation that seems to bind us or constrain us in some way, we often don't know what direction to go in. Yet God brings us to a place where we must choose between our way and His. This has everything to do... more

In part two of this teaching we will deal further with God's purpose for us despite the what Satan did in our past. We will look at our will versus God's Will for us. We will see how yielding to God will cause to experience the liberty,... more

Sometimes we reach a place where God's Way and Our Way seemingly collide. We are then faced with the decision to yield our way to His and find a life of surrender to His will as our road to freedom and fulfilment in Christ Jesus the... more

When we are going through truly hard trials our natural inclination is to fear. The scripture teaches us differently, but how do we get to the place that David speaks of so vividly? We will take a look at this tonight as we deal with this topic that... more

In the battle against our mind God has given us an arsenol of weaponary that we mucst use. It is meant to help us if we use it. Satan is a deceiver but God has not left his people defenseless in this fight.

Sometimes as God's people we go through things not realizing that God has a particular outcome in mind for us. We don't always realize that there is a destiny for us and that must realize that God is determined that we reach it.

There are certain things we gain in our walk with God that are not always so readily apparent. We start our life with God after receiving Christ as Lord and we embark upon a life long journey. Trials, tribulations, situations come and go but... more

We will discuss why we are called to the kingdom. What place has your unique gifting and call have in the body of Christ and in the world today? If you have ever doubted your calling in God join us for this episode.

There is a difference in the church today because we have left off following the way of the Spirit for the traditions of men.
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